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FaZe Ewok Comes Out As Transgender and Bisexual On #ComingOutDay2020

FaZe Ewok Comes Out As Transgender and Bisexual On #ComingOutDay2020

Congratulations are in order for FaZe Clan’s Soleil ‘Ewok’ Wheeler who has publicly come out on International Coming Out Day 2020.

The 15-year-old Fortnite streamer made headlines in July last year as the first female to join the gaming collective. An instant hit with audiences, Ewok is making headlines once again in another first for FaZe Clan, coming out as the sole transgender FTM streamer on a T1 esports organization.

In an entry posted to TwitLonger, Ewok celebrated October 11th’s International Coming Out Day by sharing his difficult journey with sexuality and gender identity.

“This is my coming out post.” he wrote. “I am transgender. (FTM ) I goes by (He/Him) now. There’s difference between gender and sexual orientation. I am bisexual aswell.”

The teenager went on to say he understands not everyone who wants to come out feels comfortable doing so, and he wants to let those people know they are “worthy and loved.”

On his decision to come out publicly, Ewok explained, “I want to be open about it and educate people but feel comfortable with myself. I never felt right in girl body and struggled.” He elaborated on his feelings, saying he felt “angry and frustrated” was “never truly happy” with himself.

Ewok, who was born deaf, hasn’t let anything hold him back from his young success and said he doesn’t plan on letting his “tough” road ahead change that.

“To this day, I realized that you can’t avoid any bad situations and you’ll have to face them eventually,” he wrote.”I know the transition and stuff will be tough for me. I am nervous as hell.”

He finished by acknowledging that transitioning and coming out as bisexual is “a big decision” and asks fans to be supportive.

For more information on coming out, visit The Trevor Project here.

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