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Emily Ratajkowski Comes Out As Bisexual On TikTok

Emily Ratajkowski Comes Out As Bisexual On TikTok

Congratulations are in order for everyone’s go-to fashion inspo, Emily Ratajkowski! 

The model appears to have come out in a TikTok posted earlier today.

Responding to a question initially posed by TikTok user @nourishedwithtish, asking, “If you identify as bisexual do you own a green velvet couch?” Emily panned her camera to reveal her sofa, which is (you guessed it) green and velvet.  

Fans flooded Emily’s comment section with messages of support and excitement. 

One viewer wrote, “EMRATA!? AM I DREAMING.”

Another shared, “gasping for air.”

Social media influencer Kennedy Walsh even jumped in on the discourse, writing, “HUGE WIN.” 

Funnily enough, EmRata wasn’t the first celebrity to come out as bisexual using this TikTok. Earlier this week, actress Shay Mitchell responded to a stitch of @nourishedwithtish’s video, showing that she, too, owns a green velvet couch. 

Given that Shay has played queer characters in the past (think: Emily Fields in Pretty Little Liars and Peach Salinger in You), pop culture enthusiasts have long questioned the 35-year-old’s sexuality. However, with Shay seemingly confirming her bisexuality, her TikTok reignited the discussion around celebrities and queerbaiting

For instance, Twitter user @purpleranger25 wrote, “Shay Mitchell coming out as bi years after playing multiple sapphic characters should be a lesson to the “only openly gay actors should play gay characters” crowd. You don’t know how these actors feel or identify and should never force them to come out to play a role.” 

As EmRata and Shay join the list of celebrities that have recently come out, we are so excited to see more women in the public eye openly living their truth. 

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