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Creepshow Art On Lolcow & Further Harassment Allegations: A Full Breakdown

Creepshow Art On Lolcow & Further Harassment Allegations: A Full Breakdown

Updated June 15th, 2021.

Commentary YouTube channel Creepshow Art is facing allegations of transphobia, harassment, and cyberbullying.

In recent days, Shannon— the creator behind Creepshow Art who does iPad art while discussing internet drama and pop culture— has been allegedly exposed for posting problematic content on influencer gossip forum, lolcow, under false aliases.

Here’s a full breakdown of the allegations and how they came about.

lolcow exposes Creepshow Art

As a popular drama channel with nearly half a million followers, it’s not unusual that Creepshow Art has a lolcow subforum dedicated to commentary on their channel. Over the years, audiences have shared both praise and criticism for Shannon and her content on this subforum— propelling her channel’s growth and maintaining her relevancy in the YouTube community. However, now it seems that much of that discourse was coming from Shannon herself.

Earlier this week, a lolcow admin revealed that Shannon has been posting deceptive and disturbing content on the forum for years and as a result, the moderators were revoking her anonymity and exposing her post history under her various aliases for users to see.

While the forum is anonymous, lolcow’s terms of service state that a violation of any of their “global rules”— including self-promotion, harassment, and doxxing— may result in the moderators revoking “your anonymity if you attempt to deceive”.

“As many users in this thread are aware, Shannon’s posts on lolcow haven’t exactly been subtle,” the admin writes. “We’ve decided to compile her post history after she escalated her behavior by sharing her sister’s social media in order to deflect from criticism towards herself.”

The admin continues, writing, “Beyond that, she has been anonymously promoting her videos and Patreon/YT membership to [users] and making posts about herself to either whiteknight or insult herself. For many years, we’ve had a policy to reveal post histories of users who go to great lengths to use to propel their own online presence.”

The term ‘whiteknight’ can refer to when a man tries to woo women he meets online, usually through gaming. It can also refer to a fan who blindly defends someone online— usually an influencer or creator— despite evidence against that person.

The mod adds a link to the full post history from Shannon’s IP address, which includes 292 posts dating back to November 2018.

Creepshow Art & her lolcow post history

In addition to promoting her own online presence and doxxing her sister, Shannon has allegedly used lolcow to have two-way conversations with herself in order to drum up controversy, make fatphobic and ableist comments— frequently using the r-word— as well as slander many of her industry friends, including D’Angelo Wallace and Ready To Glare— both of whom she has publicly supported on her Creepshow Art channel.

She has also allegedly used homophobic and transphobic slurs such as “tranny” and “fakeboi” throughout her posts.

For the full post history, see here.

Creepshow’s response

After lolcow shared her alleged post history, Shannon took to the YouTube community tab to respond to these allegations.

The post is lengthy and detailed, but in summary, the creator claims that she’s been the victim of a stalker named “Amy” for nearly ten years. Throughout the post, Shannon details her traumatic experience with Amy and alleges that Amy has been using her IP address, writing, “she’s been posting on certain sites, posing as me, spoofing my IP, doxing my family members, writing things about myself and my friends, sending me death threats from other accounts, making false accounts to spam my comment sections, spamming the comment sections of my friends saying hateful things about me in order to get them to drop me, and just all around doing what she did years ago.”

Shannon says she will be taking legal action against Amy. “I completely understand if no one believes me. I understand if I lose friends over this… I am going to be keeping the rest of this offline, where it belongs, so if you have questions, I’m sorry. I’m not answering them. But I wanted to address it.” she finishes.

The response to lolcow exposing Creepshow Art

Despite initial skepticism, Shannon seemingly confirmed in the YouTube community post that the IP address used to make the posts on lolcow belongs to her.

Others have noted that past instances when lolcow “outed” creators for similar behaviour have since been verified. “I understand the skepticism and they didn’t say why they know it’s her, but they have a tradition of exposing users who misuse the forum and haven’t been wrong so far,” Twitter user @dishsoap1234 wrote. “Popular Youtubers like @emzoticofficial have confessed that their outings were accurate.”

According to Twitter user @dishsoap1234 who has chronicled the Creepshow Art saga in a thread, lolcow makes it clear how they verify IP addresses by tracing cookies— the method used to come to the conclusion that Shannon (or Amy) was using a single IP address to write all the posts, including the ones engaged in a two-way conversation.

Further allegations have since come out against Creepshow Art

Some creators and fans have since emerged with stories of alleged harassment from Shannon over the years.

“This just needs to be said. This woman has tormented me for years and years. I know her because my ex-boyfriend dated her after me. I moved on but she/they continued to harass and stalk me,” wrote creator Emily Artful on her experience with Shannon.

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In a note posted on Twitter, Emily claims she has known Shannon for years prior to starting YouTube. “She has copied, stalked, harassed, and threatened me and my children’s lives. She has used revenge porn against me. Tried to use my drug addition against me. She has literally gotten me FIRED from multiple jokes, causing me to be homeless.”

She alleges Shannon has pushed her to the “brink of suicide multiple times” and has been masquerading as her own stalker “Amy” for years.

Continuing, Emily says that Shannon has been making fake EmilyArtful accounts “all over the internet for years” in attempt to sabotage her and would use these accounts to fabricate drama between the fake EmilyArtful account and other alias accounts. Shannon would also allegedly intentionally copy Emily’s content in an effort to start a feud.

Days later, Emily uploaded a two-hour video to her YouTube channel detailing her history of “stalking, harassment, and threats” from Shannon and her husband, along with information on Shannon’s controversies with creators Hopeless Peach and The Rewired Soul.

Emily has since shared a thread Twitter exposing Shannon’s alleged sock puppet accounts. Many users have been adding to the list with screenshots of accounts they speculate are Shannon as well.

Giulia-Christina Philipp of the YouTube channel Ready To Glare has also spoken out against Shannon— someone she considered a friend for years. Giulia-Christina was the subject of numerous nasty posts Shannon allegedly made on lolcow despite their friendship.

In a new video, Giulia-Christina explains that she took time off to process her emotions about the situation as well as gather as much information as she could to come to her own conclusions. As of now, the creator says she believes Shannon made all those posts and her IP address was not spoofed. She also explains that a similar situation has happened to her in the past with a friend posting about her on lolcow, and the admins were correct in tracing his posts at the time.

While Shannon has been inactive on the CreepshowArt channel for days now, it’s unclear whether she will return with a video addressing allegations.

Check back for updates.

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