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#ColourPopMeBLACK Floods Twitter With Makeup Looks To Promote Diversity

#ColourPopMeBLACK Floods Twitter With Makeup Looks To Promote Diversity

This is the viral movement we all needed.

Over the last couple weeks, ColourPop Cosmetics has been copping backlash online for posting a lack of diversity and inclusivity across their social media.

Now, creators are taking matters into their own hands.

On April 18th, makeup artist and tarot card reader @killerkingggg posted a tweet urging Black creators to share beauty looks using as many ColourPop products as possible. “We need ColourPop to see BLACK CREATORS,” he wrote. “So what I wanna do is shove us in their face. Let’s all do a look using as much ColourPop as you can. And post using the hashtag #ColourpopMeBLACK.”

He tagged friends, including makeup artist @NeonMUA who shared a thread detailing the reasons behind this call to action, including why this movement is important.

In the thread, linked below, he says that while ColourPop has posted a “sprinkle of melanin” on their IG feed over the last few days, it’s simply not enough. He encourages users to scroll back and note the alleged consistent lack of diversity, including a lack of representation for Black male creators and Black trans creators.

He finishes by asking people to join in the challenge and spread the message regardless of skin tone.

Joshua of @killerkingggg told Centennial Beauty that he loves ColourPop products and often uses them on himself and his clients. “It gets tired when you see the lack of diversity on their pages, which is why we started calling them out in the first place.”

At the end of the day, he says this movement isn’t about him, it’s about “making sure there is a space for the Black content creators that come after me.” Joshua says his ultimate goal is for younger generations to grow up seeing themselves represented in beauty.

On his involvement in the movement, NeonMUA told Centennial Beauty that it’s so much more than just getting a few more Black creators posted on ColourPop’s Instagram.

“My mission in this space has always been to improve the way the general public and brands alike view diversity,” he said. “It’s about changing the mindset of brands so that the next generation of Black creators coming up don’t have to put up with the struggles we did. #ColourpPopMeBLACK is our way of using our voices to get the change we want to see.”

And their voices are certainly being heard.

In the last two days, Black creators across Twitter have flooded beauty feeds, showcasing their stunning artistry using ColourPop Cosmetics.

At the time of publication, the hashtag #ColourPopMeBLACK has garnered over 33,000+ impressions worldwide, validating the genuine, organic influence Black creators hold despite often being overlooked.

Though the movement is far from over, here’s a peek into some of the fire looks to come out of #ColourPopMeBLACK so far.

“I️ would love for ColourPop to reach out and continue the discussion,” Joshua ends. “I’m not here to put the brand down but we want to see a change. We want it to be consistent.”

Follow the #ColourPopMeBLACK movement here.

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