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Chris Olsen Sparks Dating Rumours With Ryan Trainor 

Chris Olsen Sparks Dating Rumours With Ryan Trainor 

Did Chris Olsen just hard launch a new relationship?

Yesterday, Chris posted a photo dump from his recent trip to Australia over WorldPride. The first picture shows the TikTok star kissing Meghan Trainor’s brother, Ryan Trainor, atop the Sydney Harbor Bridge. Tagging Ryan and captioning the post, “Australia u were so good to me,” Chris ignited some serious dating rumours. 

The post included two more photos of Chris and Ryan getting cosy. The second picture showed them cuddling below a pride flag at Tarango Zoo. In the third photo, Chris licks Ryan’s cheek while smiling, leading social media users to believe they are a couple. 

While it’s no secret that Chris and Meghan are close friends, fans were surprised by his alleged relationship with Ryan. 

 “CHRIS OLSEN AND RYAN TRAINOR? I’m gonna need them to address this NOW or I’m going to lose my mind cuz I’m so here for it but I NEED CONFIRMATION,” one Twitter user wrote. 

While neither Ryan nor Chris has confirmed their relationship, Meghan sent the rumour mill into overdrive in a TikTok clip from the Workin’ On It Podcast. In a recent episode, Meghan asked her brother whether he “has a girlfriend.” Chris, being a guest on the podcast, burst out laughing, where Ryan ignored the question and changed the subject. 


Leave me alone @meghantrainor @workinonitpod @flightfuelcoffee #workinonitpod

♬ original sound – Ryan Trainor

With Chris promoting his coffee company, Flight Fuel, as of late, many fans are questioning whether his post with Ryan is an attempt to drum up some PR. 

One user commented, “Are we sure they aren’t just trolling us, hardcore? Knowing we’d lose our minds…”

Another wrote, “Are we being gaslighted because I had listened to the podcasts and I’ve seen every tiktok with Ryan being into girls and him being single…”

Instagram / @yessizzie
Instagram / @pfranco2021

To make things even more confusing, Chris’ post is not the first time that the pair have kissed on social media. Last year, he shared a TikTok to his spam account, @notolsenchris, asking Ryan for a “birthday kiss” – which he happily does. 

The video ends with Chris yelling, “Ryan and I kissed”, out of excitement.

Check back for updates. 

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