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The Latest E-Girl Hair Trend Is Even Bolder Than The Last, Here’s How To Pull It Off

The Latest E-Girl Hair Trend Is Even Bolder Than The Last, Here’s How To Pull It Off

charli damelio blue hair

E-girl hair is not for the faint hearted. 

Since Dua Lipa’s dramatic two-toned debut, we have seen influencer iterations of the look popping up left, right and centre. From chunky face-framing streaks a la Brittany Xavier to Emma Chamberlain’s blonde bottom layer, e-girl hair is fast evolving…and it seems the latest take on the trend has now emerged.

Charli D’Amelio has shown off a bright blue dye job and we’re calling it now as summer’s biggest hair trend. We spoke to Alexander Fuchs, Director at Fuchs Hair and Creative Director of La Biosthetique Australia and New Zealand, to learn the tips and tricks to pulling off a look this bold, how to choose the right colour for you and whether or not to try it at home. 

“The key is to be aware that it is a bold look and [by committing] you are making a fashion statement,” as well as a beauty statement, explains Fuchs. “To really pull it off, [it’s important] to think about what makeup you’ll wear with it, how you accessorize your daily outfits…[there’s a lot involved and the bold colour is just one component].”

When it comes to choosing what style will work for you, Fuchs’ advice is to consult a professional. “Definitely consult a professional hairdresser to make sure what you’re doing suits your face shape…placing the lighter pieces in the right area of the hairline with the right thickness is crucial. The good thing about this colour trend is that it can be placed and coloured to suit most face shapes,” he says.

How do I know what colour is right for me?

Again, Fuchs’ recommendation is to consult your hairdresser, but as a general rule, “if you have a warm skin tone you should stick to warm colours like a creamy blonde, peachy or pink tones. If your skin is cool, look more to greens, blues and purples.”

If you’re not sure about going all in, you could also try a few strategically placed foils instead of block bleaching the bottom layer and temple area. This strategy is more subtle and will grow out more naturally, he explains.

What do I need to be wary of when it comes to a look like this?

“Upkeep!” is the number one thing to prepare for before taking the plunge with a look like this. “It’s very cool when styled but also think about how it will look when it’s tied up in a ponytail, when it grows out, or when the toner fades,” he says. “If you commit to a look like this, be aware you are committing to regular maintenance.” Washing your hair less will help too, it keeps the colour brighter for longer and means you can go longer between toning and appointments.

Is it the kind of look I can DIY?

In short, no. “It’s a tricky one to do yourself as placement is crucial. The hair around your hairline is also very fine, so using the wrong bleaching product may result in hair snapping off,” warns Fuchs. “If you do want to try it yourself, be aware and careful of hairline and placement and remember we (hairdressers) are here to assist with a fix up [if all goes pear-shaped].”

So, whether you’re up for a DIY job or would rather leave it to the pros, consider this your ultimate guide.

Are you brave enough to recreate Charli’s bold look?

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