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Camila Mendes Joins LOOPS Beauty As Partner & Creative Director

Camila Mendes Joins LOOPS Beauty As Partner & Creative Director

Camila Mendes has a new job!

The Riverdale actress has been named the new creative director for LOOPS Beauty ahead of the skincare brand’s launch into Ulta Beauty across the U.S.

Founded in 2020 by incubator Syllable and content production company Shots Studio, LOOPS initially tapped Emily Ratajkowski as creative director for its launch.

The partnership helped the brand develop a cult following amongst consumers and celebrities alike— with Sofia Richie, Serena Williams, and Willow Smith all showing early support for the brand’s compostable face mask on social media.

As LOOPS prepares for a major rollout into Ulta Beauty, the brand seems to be making a play for the younger generation of skincare lovers by bringing on Camila Mendes.

“We’ve all experienced that rush of confidence when you get into a good groove with your skin. LOOPS has played a huge role in helping me find that groove,” Camila said in a press statement. “I think I’ve always been interested in beauty and skincare, but being an actress has deepened my relationship to that world. I definitely have an advantage of knowledge now since I work closely with so many people in the beauty industry.”

According to WWD, the star’s new role will include advising on product development, sustainability initiatives, event conceptualisation, and social media and influencer strategy.

“I’ve already learned a lot since stepping into this role, and I can’t wait to continue growing and developing the brand with the rest of the loops team,” Camila wrote on Instagram. “So much more to come.”

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LOOPS Beauty will be available at 450 Ulta Beauty stores across the U.S. on August 1st.

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