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Bryce Hall Struck From YouTube Amidst Feud With FaZe Jarvis

Bryce Hall Struck From YouTube Amidst Feud With FaZe Jarvis

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In news absolutely no one is surprised by at this point in 2020, Bryce Hall has been hit with a week long strike from YouTube to “work on [his] cyber bullying and harassment habits”. The strike comes in response to a recent video posted by the Sway House member, leaking Fortnite streamer FaZe Jarvis’ phone number.

The unexpected feud began a week ago, off the back of FaZe Jarvis leaking Addison Rae’s phone number in a YouTube video, to over four million subscribers. This prompted Bryce to clap back by posting his own video, aptly titled “Don’t Leak My Girlfriend’s Number”, in which he shares FaZe Jarvis’ phone number to his own three million subscribers.

The Sway House member then shared his video had been taken down by YouTube and announced an initial strike on his channel for violating community guidelines, noting Vlogmas will be delayed, but he was disputing the claim.

And while it seemed the strike was temporarily lifted, YouTube reconfirmed the decision, with Bryce announcing today, he will be “off YouTube for a week.” Thanking the platform for “[providing] this opportunity to reflect on my immature ways”. The viral star also making a point to share that despite Jarvis doing the same thing, he will be facing none of the same penalties.

While Jarvis has not commented on the dispute, Hall seems unfazed, tweeting he’ll “try not to “cyber-bully for future videos.”

And that’s on Sway making headlines (again).

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