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Bryce Hall & Faith Ordway Fall Out Over Hot Tub Stream Kiss: A Full Breakdown

Bryce Hall & Faith Ordway Fall Out Over Hot Tub Stream Kiss: A Full Breakdown

TikTok stars Bryce Hall and Faith Ordway are feuding after a Twitch collaboration quickly went south.

On December 30th, Twitch streamer Tommy Unold invited Bryce to film a hot tub stream with him. Bryce revealed that Faith was invited, too, however she “got mad” and left before they started filming over a “salty remark” made by Bryce.

Why did Faith leave the hot tub stream?

When asked in a TikTok comment why she left the stream, Faith claims that Bryce pressured her into kissing him on camera and called her a “pussy” after she refused.

“I left because Bryce Hall is a trash bag human,” she said. “It started with him wanting me to kiss him for clickbait for his YouTube video. I kissed him on the cheek so we could come to a common understanding and I could be done with it.”

She went on to say that she told Tommy, “Hey, I don’t know if I want to come on your stream tomorrow because I don’t want to do anything sexual for entertainment.” Tommy allegedly said Faith could do whatever she was comfortable with, however, prior to starting the stream, Faith claims Tommy told the pair to end the stream “with a bang”.

“Bryce decided to call me a pussy because I wouldn’t kiss him,” she explained. “He followed up by saying, ‘Every girl that does it gets clout’.”

Faith said she told Bryce she was successful on her own, to which Bryce apparently replied, “No, I mean like, actually successful.”

“And that’s whenever I decided to leave,” Faith said.

Bryce responds to Faith via TikTok and Twitter

Bryce addressed Faith’s claims on social media.

First, Bryce posted a TikTok video mocking Faith’s statement that she didn’t want to do “anything sexual for entertainment” by sharing a clip of her dancing provocatively with the caption, “completely understandable”. The TikTok was deleted on January 3rd.

The 22-year-old then took to Twitter, calling Faith’s claims a “false narrative” to boost her career. He also alluded to the two hooking up off-camera, writing, “we both know what happens off the internet”.

“I don’t need to beg someone to kiss me for views lol; if you actually believe that you’re insane,” he continued.

Days later, Bryce attempted to further explain his side of the story in a TikTok video, saying he never begged Faith to kiss him and was totally fine with her not wanting to do so on camera.

He went on to say the hot tub stream was originally supposed to be with Tana Mongeau, but he asked Faith to join instead because they’d “been hooking up for the past week”.

Bryce claims that Faith knew Tommy’s streams usually involve kissing, but she was still “on the edge because her guy simps wouldn’t like her kissing me” which he completely understood.

Faith allegedly wanted to end the stream with Bryce going in for a kiss which she would swerve. Bryce said he was not comfortable with that because “she doesn’t swerve me off-camera” and he didn’t want hundreds of thousands of people to watch him get rejected.

The TikTok star then denied that he called Faith a “pussy” for not wanting to kiss him. Rather, Bryce claims he didn’t think kissing on camera was a big deal since they were already hooking up and he knew it would get people talking.

Bryce finishes by hinting at legal action, calling Faith’s claims “defamation of character” and telling her to check her mailbox.

Faith shares her truth in a series of emotional TikTok videos

Bryce’s response seemingly struck a nerve with Faith, who jumped on TikTok to defend herself against his remarks.

“First, let me start by saying: if you consent to somebody once does not mean they can do it whenever they want whenever,” she said in response to Bryce addressing to their relationship off-camera. “Also, does nobody realise that in the video that I originally posted, that I never once said Bryce was begging to kiss me. He created that.”

Faith went on to say Bryce “pressured” her into something she didn’t want to do and provided screenshots of alleged text messages between herself and Tommy that show she flagged her concerns around the sexualisation of the stream before the day of filming.

“It doesn’t fucking matter if I’ve kissed this kid before,” she continued. “If I say I don’t want it on camera, I don’t fucking want it on camera!”

The 20-year-old proceeded to show alleged text messages in which she can be seen telling Bryce she doesn’t want him to keep trying to hook up with her. Bryce allegedly responded, “not [going to] happen but I dig the input”.

“What the fuck does sex have to do with consent for videoing shit on camera?!… It’s disgusting,” she finished.



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Faith later posted another video to TikTok in tears over the lack of support she has received from those involved in the stream, including Tommy.

She also revealed there are allegedly several people in her DMs with similar stories about Bryce Hall who have been afraid to come forward out of fear that he would “find dirt on them and expose them”.

The influencer said she will be taking some time off of social media following this situation.

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