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Bretman Rock Apologises For Resurfaced Racist Video

Bretman Rock Apologises For Resurfaced Racist Video

Bretman Rock is the latest beauty guru to be “cancelled” over racist remarks from his past.

Yesterday, a clip from an old Bretman Rock video began circulating Twitter in which the YouTuber can be heard saying the n-word.

Bretman, who is known for mixing beauty content with comedy, seems to be playing a character in the 2015 clip, however fans are rightfully upset regardless of context.

Many fans are shocked, as Bretman was considered one of the only “non-problematic” beauty gurus left. Others are saying this is not surprising considering Nikita Dragun, who has her own history of racially-charged controversies, is his best friend.

But just as quickly as he was “cancelled” did Bretman nip this in the bud with an apology.

In a Twitter thread, Bretman clarifies that this video has not “resurfaced” because it was always around— he was never trying to hide it.

He says he’s apologised for the video before and is happy to apologise again. “It was as stupid & ignorant then as it is now,” he wrote. “I’m no longer a 15 year old piece of shit and I know that behavior is unacceptable… Period.”

Bretman says it’s not a reflection of who he is now and that he has changed a lot in 5 years since filming that clip, “If you wanna cancel me, cancel 15 year old Bretman. Let me learn & grow & mature please.”

He finishes by warning his fans about what they post online because it will live with you forever, regardless of how much you’ve grown and changed since then.

The response to Bretman’s apology has been mixed. While some fans are left questioning why someone would think using that word is ever okay, others have thanked Bretman for his swift and genuine apology.

We hope that Bretman has learned from his experience. And we hope that one day, beauty gurus may stop having problematic pasts.

One can dream.

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