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Bella Thorne Feuds With Tana Mongeau Amidst Release Of New Song ‘SFB’

Bella Thorne Feuds With Tana Mongeau Amidst Release Of New Song ‘SFB’

Tana Mongeau and Bella Thorne are publicly feuding once again.

After a year of toggling between friendly and very much not friendly, it seems YouTuber Tana Mongeau and actress Bella Thorne are ending 2020 with some bad blood between them.

The exes, who dated from 2017 to 2019, reignited their feud this week after the release of Bella’s latest single, Stupid Fucking Bitch (SFB), which she reportedly wrote about her influencer ex-girlfriend.

The drama kicked off on December 18th when Bella posted multiple shady tweets about Tana while promoting her new song.

“when she tries so hard to be relevant she won’t stop bringing up your name for attention……. girl can’t you get your own attention stoppppppppp,” the 23-year-old tweeted followed by “#SFB she wishes she was me”.

Though it wasn’t totally obvious to fans who Bella was referring to, Tana confirmed the tweets were likely about her when she clapped back at the artist for shading her relevancy.

“749 favorites in a day and my last tweets have more and ur worried about my relevancy?” she tweeted. “@ me next time and unfollow me while u at it..”.

Tana then joked about duking it out with Bella in a boxing match before quote tweeting Bella again telling her to promote sex workers “like u promised or get ratio’d”.

In August Bella came under fire for hurting sex workers after she allegedly scammed her subscribers on OnlyFans— selling $200 PPV (pay per view) content with the promise of a full-nude photo set.

Bella, who brought in over $2 million in her first week on the platform, did not deliver on the promise, leading to so many refund requests that OnlyFans was forced to withhold creator payments and implement changes to their payment structure.

Thousands of sex workers who use the subscription-based service as their primary source of income were negatively impacted by the aftermath of Bella’s alleged scam and as part of her apology, the actress promised to use her massive platform to promote sex workers and raise awareness for the challenges they face as a community.

Tana continued shading Bella, tweeting that she’s living in Bella’s head “rent fucking free” and said she was up until 5 am “absolutely still BAZOINKED that bella thorne tweeted i want to be her”.

Tana also showed support for former porn star Mia Khalifa who called out Bella for continuing to exploit her OnlyFans subscribers.

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After days of Tana dragging her on Twitter, Bella took the feud to TikTok, posting a montage of her biggest accomplishments this year— like making her directorial debut— as well as the positive press she’s received from major publications like Forbes, with the caption, “i couldn’t even fit my relevancy into 60 seconds but I tried”.

The shady clip was set to SFB when Bella sings, “You wanted me for clout”.


i couldn’t even fit my revelancy is 60seconds but I tried ??‍♀️ LOLOLOLOLOL HAHAHAHA when you know you know #SFB

♬ SFB – Bella Thorne

Tana then tweeted that she is “about to get banned from YouTube” with all the tea she’s going to spill in a new video, presumably about Bella.

Finally, Bella responded via TikTok again, posting a video laughing at her phone with the words, “When she thinks she’s a celebrity…” across the screen.


I must be lit as a ? for a MF to feel like they a celebrity after fuckinng with me ??? < that’s real drip #sfb

♬ SFB – Bella Thorne

And that’s on ending 2020 on a very petty note.

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