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Everything We Know About Emma Chamberlain’s New Podcast ‘Anything Goes’

Everything We Know About Emma Chamberlain’s New Podcast ‘Anything Goes’

Emma Chamberlain officially has a new podcast.

The 18-year-old viral star first teased a new podcast venture earlier this month on YouTube. In her video titled, talking about my feelings at 2am (while drawing), Emma mentioned that she would be rebranding her current podcast, saying, “I’m kinda changing up my podcast a little and I haven’t mentioned that yet…I like podcasting, but Stupid Genius, I feel like I kind of outgrew it in a sense. So I’m gonna be starting a new podcast with a different name and all that.”

Emma first launched Stupid Genius 10 months ago under the production network Ramble. In each episode, the YouTube queen addressed a question relevant to her life at the moment, such as, “Why do we sleep more in the winter?” The episodes spanned around 30-40 minutes during which Emma attempted to come up with funny answers for some of life’s (or at least her life’s) most random questions.

Now, after weeks of anticipation, it seems her new podcast is finally here!

In a tweet posted Friday, Emma announced that Stupid Genuis has officially been replaced by her shiny new podcast called, Anything Goes with Emma Chamberlain.

Like Stupid Genis, the rebranded pod will still be hosted solely by Emma herself. However, according to the podcast’s trailer released yesterday, it seems there are a few key differences that listeners can expect from the rebrand.

Here’s everything we know so far about Anything Goes with Emma Chamberlain.

It won’t have a set structure

The concept for Anything Goes will be more fluid than Stupid Genius. Rather than sticking to one question per episode, Emma will have free reign to talk about whatever she wants. Each episode will cover a general topic and give fans a snippet of insight into Emma’s inner monologue. Anything Goes will be unstructured and unfiltered— just like the star’s YouTube videos.

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It will involve the audience

Perhaps the most exciting development, Anything Goes will feature a segment at the end of each episode where Emma answers questions from her listeners. The podcast already has its own Twitter account and voicemail inbox where you can submit your questions. “I also want to involve you guys more in the podcast so we can kind of have a conversation…And it can be whatever you want,” she said in the trailer. “If you have relationship problems and you need advice, if you have friend issues, if you— I don’t care. I’m here.”

There will be guests

Emma will host Anything Goes solo, however, unlike Stupid Genius, she will reportedly bring guests on to join in the conversation, helping her address the topic of the week and weigh in on audience questions.

Anything Goes with Emma Chamberlain will have new episodes every Thursday starting February 20th.

*Refreshes Spotify every 5 seconds until Thursday.*

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