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ABH Moves Into Tech To Help You Find Your Perfect Brow Shape

ABH Moves Into Tech To Help You Find Your Perfect Brow Shape

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From patenting the ‘Golden Ratio Method’ to Brow Freeze going viral on TikTok, Anastasia Soare of Anastasia Beverly Hills has well and truly cemented her position as the Queen of Brows…a reign that looks set to continue with the latest development from the brand. 

Designed to help people find their ‘Golden Ratio’ anyplace and any time, ABH has translated the patented method into augmented reality by way of an app. 

The app opens with a quiz about your current brows, asking questions such as how you prefer them to look and your level of experience when it comes to shaping them yourself, all of which is then taken into consideration throughout the process. Using augmented reality, your unique bone structure is then scanned and using the ABH method, your personalised, balanced and proportional brow shape will be calculated and applied in real time to your face (like looking in a mirror).

At this stage, you can try on different brow shapes to suit your preference, such as the thickness of the brow and height of the arch, before the app shares the technique and of course products recommended to create your *perfect* brow. Additionally, the app has augmented reality guides included as part of the Magic Mirror function to help you shape and style.

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Whether you’re up for the challenge of shaping your own brows or not, ABH is bringing you everything you need to give it a red hot go for free and in your own home. How 2021.

The app is currently available to download now via the Apple app store.

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