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RFLCT 2.0? Addison Rae Faces Backlash Over Blue Light Skincare Product ‘Screen Break’

RFLCT 2.0? Addison Rae Faces Backlash Over Blue Light Skincare Product ‘Screen Break’

Addison Rae is copping some serious criticism over ITEM Beauty’s latest drop. The product in question is “Screen Break” – a hydrating face mist promising to protect skin from screen-emitted blue light and everyday pollutants. 

Screen Break was officially launched in late January and is now available online at Sephora and ITEM Beauty

In the product-announcement video, Addison explains how the blue light emitted from computer screens, phones, and tablets can “actually cause skin fatigue.” Screen Break, she claims, “is clinically proven to help protect your skin from those artificial blue lights.”

Social media users were quick to criticise Addison, claiming that the research linking screen-emitted blue light to skin damage is limited and unreliable. 

One critic took it so far as giving the product a 1-star review on Sephora’s website. “There has been many studies showing that blue light from computers does minimal to no skin damage, and you would be much better off buying and wearing sunscreen to protect from blue light,” they wrote. 

This isn’t the first time an influencer has promoted skincare products offering protection against blue light and received backlash. 

Last October, YouTuber and online gaming sensation, Valkyrae, launched her own skincare line, RFLCT. Much like Screen Break, RFLCT’s products promised to mitigate skin damage from heavy screen usage. 

With fans calling the range a “scam” based on “pseudoscience,” Valkyrae immediately found herself in the centre of controversy. The streamer soon addressed the concerns around RFLCT on her social media.

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In a now-deleted Tweet, Valkyrae wrote that RFLCT’s critics are valid, and she “understand[s] completely where you’re all coming from.” In a livestream a few days later, the YouTuber explained that she had the same doubts until she started working with Ideavation Labs and saw their research. She also expressed disappointment that the RFLCT website did not cite the scientific studies backing its claim.

Soon after Valkyrae addressed the backlash, RFLCT quietly shut down operations.

With many critics describing Screen Break as RFLCT 2.0, fans are left wondering whether Addison will suffer from the same fate as Valkyrae.   

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