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YouTube Launches First Trend Podcast ‘Like & Describe’

YouTube Launches First Trend Podcast ‘Like & Describe’

YouTube is tapping into podcasts in a big way.

The platform launched its “first-ever official trends podcast” last week called ‘Like & Describe’. Hosted by popular creator MatPat, the podcast will cover the stories behind the biggest trends on YouTube.

Episodes will release monthly on YouTube’s official channel and will be available across audio platforms including Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

For its first episode, MatPat explores the global expansion of VTubers AKA Virtual YouTubers. Born in Japan, VTubers are animated characters voiced by creators that attract over 1.5 billion views every month.

To better understand this niche community, MatPat interviews VTubers Gawr Gura, a 9000 year-old shark girl, and Mori Calliope, a rapping former reaper from the underworld.

In addition to audio, each episode of ‘Like & Describe’ will feature an animated video with the podcast content overlayed.

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You can find more information ‘Like & Describe’ here.

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