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You Can Soon Watch YouTube Videos Directly On Twitter

You Can Soon Watch YouTube Videos Directly On Twitter

Some further developments from Twitter!

Weeks after the platform revealed ‘Super Follow,’ a subscription-based in-app function for users to monetise their audience by charging for extra content, Twitter is now testing a way for users to watch full length YouTube videos from their timeline.

“The current test on iOS will be a four-week experiment,” a rep for Twitter told Verge. “We plan to take a look at the results and will scale accordingly.”

The trial will roll out to a small group of users across the U.S., Canada, Japan, and Saudi Arabia first.

At the moment, when users clicked on a YouTube link embedded in a tweet, they are directed off the platform to YouTube. This new functionality is yet another part of Twitter’s strategy to keep users engaged on the platform, as users can watch a video and keep scrolling their timeline once finished.

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Twitter is also working to improve the user experience when consuming photos on the app, with the eventual ability to upload 4K images.

Twitter is seriously gunning for most innovative platform 2021.

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