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You Can Now Uber Eats Your Beauty Products

You Can Now Uber Eats Your Beauty Products

Same-day shipping of your favourite beauty products? Uber Eats has got you covered!

Uber Eats and Estée Lauder Companies (ELC) have inked an exciting deal, allowing users of the app to order beauty products delivered directly to their door.

Beginning this weekend in America, Uber Eats will now offer same-day delivery of Jo Malone and Origin products — both brands fall under the ELC umbrella. U.S.-based delivery app Postemates has also signed on.

The concept is the same as food delivery— the courier will pick up the products in-store and bring them directly to customers for a small fee. Business of Fashion reports the fee will range from $0.5 to $5. The service will offer customers same-day shipping of their favourite beauty products— a competitive advantage over other online retailers.

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Of the partnership, Uber says this is another step in the ride-sharing company’s effort to crack the fashion and beauty markets. The company has been testing similar delivery collaborations with H&M, Walmart, and the Body Shop in select U.S. cities.

There is no word if Uber has plans to roll out its beauty and fashion delivery options to regions outside the United States, but fingers crossed they expand soon!

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