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Quinton Griggs, Cynthia Parker & Ellie Zeiler Love Triangle Explained

Quinton Griggs, Cynthia Parker & Ellie Zeiler Love Triangle Explained

Fresh off the heels of TikTok’s biggest relationship drama yet (lookin’ at you, Mads/Jaden/Nessa/Josh), we have a new love triangle sweeping the internet.

Enter: Quinton Griggs, Cynthia Parker, and Ellie Zeiler.

Just months after Quinton and Cynthia announced their amicable split in March 2021, it seems the two are at odds over Quinton’s recent hook-up with Ellie Zeiler AKA Charli D’Amelio’s low-key twin.

During a Triller livestream earlier this week, Cynthia revealed that Quinton and Ellie slept together when asked by a fan. She then posted and deleted a cryptic tweet that many believe was about Ellie, writing, “y’all she got what she wanted”. Cynthia proceeded to unfollow Quinton.

Shortly after Cynthia’s live was posted on several tea accounts, Ellie commented on TikTok Room saying the rumours were “100% made up”. Then, Quinton jumped in, asking Ellie and fans to “stop with all the social media,” as did Cynthia’s friend and former Not A Content House member Sabrina Quesada, who called Ellie’s attempts to deny the alleged hookup “embarrassing”.

Though it seems Quinton hooked up with Ellie after he split with Cynthia, this is not the first time this love triangle has made headlines.

Back in mid-2020, Quinton was allegedly caught cheating on Cynthia before they were officially dating. Around that same time, Ellie called him “cute” and she later admitted via Instagram live that her comment was “disrespectful” to Cynthia. In the same live, Ellie claimed she DM’d Cynthia to apologise, however she allegedly held a grudge against Ellie for that.

In September 2020, Ellie wished Cynthia a happy 30th birthday instead of 16th birthday, re-igniting their fued.

Fast-forward to May 2021, and Quinton has now taken to Twitter to address the drama. “Listen everyone stop all of the hate,” he wrote. “None of this should have ever been brought to social media. I mean for God sake we are fuckin 16-17 years old. I will admit I made a huge mistake and I sincerely apologize and regret it. Now please everyone just drop it.”

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Tbh, fair.

Cynthia then commented at Ellie that she “seemed pretty satisfied going around telling everyone after finally getting what you wanted after a year of trying.”

Despite the back-and-forth, Ellie still adamantly denies she got with Quinton. Check back for updates on how this love triangle unfolds.

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