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‘Pardon My Take’ Podcast Comes Under Fire For “Disgusting” Taylor Swift Comments

‘Pardon My Take’ Podcast Comes Under Fire For “Disgusting” Taylor Swift Comments

The Swifties are not letting this one slide.

The co-hosts of the wildly popular Barstool Sports podcast, Pardon My Take, are facing backlash from Taylor Swift fans for comments they made about the singer.

On an episode published earlier this week, Dan Katz and Eric Sollenberger— known as Big Cat and PFT Commenter, respectively— discuss the alleged relationship between Taylor Swift and NFL player Travis Kelce, saying they won’t believe the rumours until they see a “sex video” from the two.

“If Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift release a sex video, I’ll consummate this relationship and be like, ‘Fine,’” Big Cat says. “I don’t buy it until I see some dick in vagina. P in V otherwise it’s not real. I want to see insertion.”

He then went on to claim he believes that “Taylor Swift is using the NFL to try to make her star bigger.”

The clip has gone viral on X (formerly Twitter), with Swifties calling it “gross” and “disgusting” to use Taylor and Travis’ alleged relationship as an excuse to “aggressively sexualize” the singer.

“It’s crazy how sexual harassment is justified to you bc you have a microphone. if this was in real life in person ur ass would be grass,” wrote one user.

Jesus Christ what an absolute piece of shit you are,” streamer QT Cinderella wrote.

Many note how ironic it is for Big Cat to insinuate that Taylor Swift, an internationally renowned superstar, needs the NFL, an exclusively American sports league, for fame.

Big Cat has doubled down on his take, replying to a user on X saying that he doesn’t believe it was an inappropriate comment to make. In response to a user who asked him if he finds this “strange to say”, the podcaster replied “No”.

The user pushed further, responding, “Grown man, cringe” to which Big Cat wrote, “A grown man using a burner account and the word cringe…”.

This response prompted a different user to jump in, noting the hypocrisy in Big Cat calling a user out for tweeting from a burner account when Barstool Sports was recently exposed for creating an entire network of burner accounts to swipe content and avoid copyright strikes.

Given this type of inflammatory misogyny is the backbone of the Barstool Sports brand, Big Cat’s reaction to the backlash is unsurprising.

Big Cat has refused to take the video down at the time of writing.

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