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Outer Banks’ Madison Bailey Found Love In Quarantine

Outer Banks’ Madison Bailey Found Love In Quarantine

Another romance for the Outer Banks cast!

After coming out as pansexual on TikTok last month, Outer Banks actress Madison Bailey has reportedly found love in quarantine.

According to Entertainment Tonight, Madison has been dating UNC Charlotte collegiate basketball player named Mariah Linney. Mariah apparently saw the star’s coming out TikTok and slid into her DMs!

“I was staying in a hotel in Charleston and was like, ‘Just come hang out. We can chat, chill. Everything’s closed so it’s not like we can go out anywhere,'” recalls Madison of her first time meeting Mariah.

The two seemingly hit it off well, as Mariah met Madison’s family just three days later. “It’s very serious,” she tells ET. “I had zero hesitation to post on social media about it because I was like, ‘No matter what happens, you will be in my life forever.'”

Madison gushes about her new love, saying, “I care about her so much. She’s very gentle-hearted, kind, loving…I think I am in love.”

On coming out, Madison shares that she was scared to tell her mother, who is from Alabama. Madison says she came out to her during an argument, exclaiming to her mother, “You don’t even know anything about me!” After opening up about her sexuality, the actress says her mother responded with, “Fine, Madison, be gay.” Madison says her father responded with, “I know.”

During the interview, Madison also opened up about living with borderline personality disorder, which she was diagnosed with around age 17. Despite the challenges, Madison says one of the “pros” of her disorder is that she is able to connect with a lot of people. “I’m able to put myself in other people’s shoes easily and deliver empathy with authenticity.”

Our ship is coming in!

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