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MrBeast Steps Back From MrBeast Burger Raising Concerns About Quality Control

MrBeast Steps Back From MrBeast Burger Raising Concerns About Quality Control

From Feastables to Beast Philanthropy, MrBeast, a.k.a Jimmy Donaldson, has branched beyond the world of YouTube in recent years — most notably with MrBeast Burger. 

Launching in 2020, MrBeast Burger was initially a delivery-only American-style fast food chain offering burgers, sandwiches and fries. The first two years were a massive success for the YouTuber, with MrBeast Burger opening over 300 delivery-only locations across the United States and selling over one million burgers in less than three months. As Alicia Kelso writes for Forbes, “MrBeast Burger instantly proved it could find success without a prominent storefront or convenient drive-thru or hefty marketing budget leveraged by many of its global burger peers.”

Soon, the YouTuber proved that their delivery model wasn’t the only path to success, opening the first brick-and-mortar MrBeast Burger store in Rutherford, New Jersey, last year. The store was an instant hit, with MrBeast Burger breaking the record “for most burgers sold in a single day by a single restaurant.”

However, things seem to have taken a turn for MrBeast Burger. The YouTuber recently revealed that he is taking a step back from the burger franchise, noting issues with quality control. 

In a now-deleted Tweet, MrBeast wrote, “I started MrBeast Burger to help restaurants make more $ during the pandemic, and it worked! But sadly, when working with 2,000 restaurants, I don’t own it’s impossible to guarantee the order quality.”

When asked if he plans to “retire” MrBeast Burger and close specific locations, the influencer shared that due to contractual obligations, he has limited control over the future of the business.   

“I would if I could, but the company I partnered with won’t let me stop even though it’s terrible for my brand. Young beast signed a bad deal,” he writes. 

While MrBeast soon deleted his Tweets on the MrBeast Burger situation, the influencer kept one post live on the platform. A Twitter user, @StoryAviraTime, inquired the creator about the plans for the fast-food chain, writing that “the MB Burger account hasn’t Tweeted for a while. I haven’t tried to order it for a while, but it went really quiet after Feastables.”

MrBeast responded to the Tweet, reiterating his previous comments. 

“Yeah, the problem with Beast Burger is I can’t guarantee the quality of the order,” he shares. “When working with other restaurants, it’s impossible to control it, sadly. And tbh I just enjoy Feastables 100x more. Making snacks is awesome and something I’m way more passionate about.” 

Here’s to hoping that Feastables doesn’t meet the same fate as MrBeast Burger.

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