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Meta Is Testing Out New Live-Streaming Platform “Super”

Meta Is Testing Out New Live-Streaming Platform “Super”

After rolling out new editing tools for Instagram and Facebook Reels earlier this year, Meta is giving live-streaming a try. 

According to Business Insider, the tech company is working on a new live-streaming platform called “Super.” The platform will allow influencers to host interactive events such as trivia sessions and live polls for viewers. 

Super operates on a tiered system where viewers can pay to access specific features and tip their favourite creators on live streams. With influencers able to host and monetise their streams, the app is being compared to other platforms like Twitch and has been in development since 2020. 

Multiple creators are currently experimenting with the app. TikToker Vienna Skye and tech influencer Andru Edwards are among the creators giving the platform a spin. The company reportedly pays between $200 and $3,000 for these influencers to spend 30 minutes on the app. 

This is not Meta’s first time experimenting with live streaming. While the company has announced that it will shut down Facebook’s live shopping function on October 1 2022, Meta will keep the platform’s broader live streaming function.

There is no launch date for the platform at the time of publication.

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