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Beauty YouTubers Manny MUA & Laura Lee Say The ACE Family Lied About House Foreclosure

Beauty YouTubers Manny MUA & Laura Lee Say The ACE Family Lied About House Foreclosure

In a cross-over we didn’t know we needed, YouTubers Manny MUA and Laura Lee have spoken out against The ACE Family’s house foreclosure.

During the latest episode of their joint podcast, Fool Coverage, the influencers shared their opinions on The ACE Family allegedly being screwed over by the contractor who built their mega-mansion, ultimately forcing them to go into foreclosure. While Manny starts off calling the story “very, very strange”, Laura says she doesn’t believe it “in any form or fashion”.

“I don’t believe they didn’t know this contractor and they had no idea he didn’t know what he was doing,” she says. “They knew. It was a cheap outlet to do things to this house.”

If Cody’s source was right, this could explain why the couple’s house had so many structural issues, as it was built for show rather than to be lived in.

“It was all just a gimmick,” Laura says. “That is LA culture.”

“It’s people always trying to flex so fucking hard on every bitch that’s next to them, at every single party,” Manny continues. “It’s almost like this rat race of who can have the most and it’s like you get into situations like this and it’s like, ‘oh my god woe is me like this sucks that this happened to me’ but it’s like, no one feels bad for you…You can’t blame anyone except yourselves in this situation.”

Last week, The ACE Family took to YouTube to finally address the drama surrounding the foreclosure of their LA mansion, claiming the contractor they were working with was not licensed and was actually fraudulently using someone else’s contracting license to build the development.

They allege the contractor cut corners and lied to them about the work being done, pocketing their money and leaving them with a house that had tons of structural issues which they then had to pour money into fixing. They also claim the contractor did not provide them with a certificate of occupancy which prevented them from doing necessary renovations and securing a loan from the bank.

Austin and Catherine maintain that their house did not go into foreclosure because they couldn’t afford to pay their bills, but rather because they chose to let the house go.

Whatever the case may be, it’s clear Manny MUA and Laura Lee are not picking up what The ACE Family is putting down.

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