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Lizzo Responds To Backlash About Doing A Smoothie Cleanse

Lizzo Responds To Backlash About Doing A Smoothie Cleanse

Lizza is clapping back at fans that have criticised her for doing a smoothie cleanse.

The Truth Hurts singer posted a TikTok yesterday revealing that she was on the final day of nutritionist JJ Smith’s 10-day green smoothie cleanse. Step-by-step, Lizzo shared what she consumed throughout the day, including three superfood smoothies, detox supplements, alkaline water, a vegan protein bar, apple with peanut butter, and nuts.

She began the TikTok with a disclaimer asking viewers not to try something like this “without research” as she was “practicing safe detox methods with a nutritionist”.


practice safe detoxification y’all.

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Upon uploading, the singer was immediately hit with backlash for “promoting diet culture” and was accused of no longer being body positive.

Many have also criticised the concept of detoxing itself, as many science-based health professionals believe detoxing is a fallacy.

No stranger to controversy surrounding her body and health, Lizzo has taken to TikTok to address her smoothie cleanse.

“I did the 10-day smoothie detox and as you know, I would normally be so afraid and ashamed to post things like this online because I feel like as a big girl people just expect if you are doing something for health you’re doing it for like a dramatic weight loss and that is not the case,” she said to camera

Lizza explains that November was a particularly stressful month for her, citing, “I drank a lot, I ate a lot of spicy things, things that fucked my stomach up and I wanted to reverse it and get back to where I was.”

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She goes on to say that she is “so proud” of herself and her results. “My sleep has improved, my hydration, my inner peace, my mental stability, my fucking body, my fucking skin, the whites of my eyes. Like I feel and look like a bad bitch.”

“That’s it. I’m a big girl who did a smoothie detox and I wanted to share that with you guys,” she finished. “I got exactly what I wanted out of it and every big girl should do whatever the fuck they want with their bodies.”


Big girls do whatever u want with your bodies!!! I’m just as proud of my results from my smoothie detox as I am of my belly curves and swerves ❤️

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The 32-year-old also clarified on Instagram that she did not starve herself, writing, “To the people who look to me, please do not starve yourselves. I did not starve myself. I fed myself greens and water and fruit and protein and sunlight”.

And that’s on not telling women what to do with their bodies. Periodt.

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