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Lance “Modern Warrior” Tsosie Quits TikTok

Lance “Modern Warrior” Tsosie Quits TikTok

Lance Tsosie has officially left TikTok after several tumultuous months.

The creator, better known as “Modern Warrior” after his social media handles, had built a following of over 3 million for posting videos about Native American culture and colonisation.

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Once beloved for his anti-racism content, Lance has faced increasing criticism over the past year after making some inflammatory statements— including one about mixed-raced people who “identify as white presenting/passing,” calling them white.

Most notably, Lance gained a reputation as a womaniser back in March of this year when fellow TikTok activist Chelsea Hart called him out for allegedly cheating on her while they were in a long-distance relationship. Other women got involved in the back-and-forth between the two, including Amanda Marie who claimed that Lance “denied [her] informed consent” while she was in a relationship with the creator after finding out that he had allegedly lied about sleeping with other people.

TikTok users compared Lance’s behaviour to sexual assault, as these women agreed to be intimate with Lance under the false pretense that he was not seeing anyone else.

Lance lost over half a million followers within a matter of days and the scenario led to the now-infamous meme, Womblands.

Though he temporarily took a step back from social media following the Chelsea Hart drama, Lance announced his official resignation from the platform during a TikTok live this week.

His reason for leaving appears to be related to a lawsuit in which he was suing someone for alleged defamation. TikTok star Noah Glenn Carter theorises that Lance lost the lawsuit based on what he said during his TikTok live. Centennial Beauty could not corroborate this theory.

“I’m mad. I’m very mad. I’m angry. I’m so angry,” Lance said through tears. “Because you prioritised whiteness. It was so stupid. And you protected them, and you protected whiteness. How gross is that? Instead of your brown/black brothers and sisters.”

Of the Womblands situation, Lance called it a “calculated attempt to just drag me down.”

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“Sure, like, yeah like, I didn’t communicate as clearly as I should have,” he admitted. “But that doesn’t warrant a malicious attack. It should’ve been handled privately. There were people involved who should not have been involved.”

Lance also doubled down on his stance about white-passing people during his live. “I would like to add an argument to all of TikTok,” he said. “Why is it that we immediately categorise Black and Afro-native people as Afro-indigenous people and not categorise white-passing indigenous people as Euro-indigenous people?”

Lance then said he was leaving TikTok and has since removed all of his videos.

His account is still active with 2.3 million followers.

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