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Jake Paul Admitted He Doesn’t Think Tana Mongeau Deserved To Win Creator Of The Year At The Streamys

Jake Paul Admitted He Doesn’t Think Tana Mongeau Deserved To Win Creator Of The Year At The Streamys

Tana Mongeau and husband Jake Paul have never been ones to shy away from drama.

The controversial YouTube couple has been making headlines all year — mostly due to their lavish “wedding” from which no court records have ever been found— and it looks like they’re sending off 2019 with one last bang.

During an episode of brother Logan Pauls’ podcast, imPaulsive, Jake Paul admitted that he doesn’t always agree with award show winners, including his wife’s 2019 Creator Of The Year win at last week’s Streamy Awards.

“Let’s be honest, the people winning these awards, no offense, they’re not actually who should be winning the awards most of the time,” he said.

Logan was clearly confused, asking, “Wait, hold on, but your wife won Creator Of The Year, so did she deserve that? Do you think Tana correctly won that award?”

“No. Mr. Beast should have won that award.” Jake admitted.


Tana’s since taken to Twitter to respond to her husband’s comments, “beast did something this year that changed the world & deserved it above anyone. i agree & respect honesty. i’m very lucky to have fans that voted the way they did.” Tana wrote.

She ended the tweet by saying, “2020 i strive to support ppl the way they support me :/

Jake’s comment sparked a lot of criticism from fans of the couple who feel this has been a consistent theme throughout their very public relationship— Tana genuinely supports and loves Jake while Jake doesn’t really care about Tana and is just using her for clout.

Jake quickly replied to Tana’s tweet, saying he is so proud of her, but that Tana’s career has outgrown YouTube and it’s not her top priority anymore like it is for Mr. Beast.

The couple hasn’t interacted online since the exchange.

Now with Tana’s holiday special airing today on MTV, we’ll just be here refreshing our feeds waiting for Jake’s supportive husband tweets to roll in.

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