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Is Josh Richards Dating Gabriela Moura?

Is Josh Richards Dating Gabriela Moura?

It seems that Josh Richards has found himself a new girlfriend!

The TikToker-turned-podcaster is seemingly dating Brazilian content creator Gabriela Moura. Known for posting dancing and lip-sync videos to her over 9 million TikTok followers, there is no denying that Gabi has solidified her presence on the app. Aside from TikTok, Gabi also posts regularly on Instagram, amassing over 1.5 million followers on the platform. 

The two sparked relationship rumours back in April 2023 after Josh started posting TikToks of the pair getting cosy. From lip-syncing to various audios to hanging out together with their friends, internet users were quick to speculate about their status as a couple.


I meant to say you was a 10 @gabimfmoura

♬ secrets x aboogiewitdahoodie – audios

Gabi and Josh even recreated a video he made with Mads Lewis — a fellow TikToker with whom Josh has been romantically linked in the past. While Josh has previously admitted that he has hooked up with Mads, the pair are known for “stirring the pot” when it comes to the nature of their relationship. 

With this in mind, fans are uncertain how to interpret Josh’s TikToks with Gabi, where many social media users have left comments asking about Mads under these videos. 

Screenshot via TikTok

But relationship rumours intensified when Gabi and Josh attended the red carpet premiere of Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse together last month. 

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Bryce Hall later added to the speculation when he posted a picture of the pair to his Snapchat story writing “josh finally made it official 💍” as the caption. When BFFs Podcast co-host Dave Portnoy asked Josh about the Snapchat, he clarified that the couple is “not yet” official and that he still has to “ask” Gabi. 

Screenshot via @TeaTokTalk on Instagram

However, things seem to be getting serious, with Josh allegedly throwing Gabi a surprise party for her birthday this week. 

Neither Gabi nor Josh has confirmed the status of their relationship at the time of publication. 

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