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#InstagramDown: Users Face Mass Suspension & Dropping Followers Counts

#InstagramDown: Users Face Mass Suspension & Dropping Followers Counts

If you have been locked out of Instagram or had your account suspended over the past 24 hours, chances are you aren’t alone. 

Earlier today, the photo-sharing app had an outage, leaving millions of users unable to access their accounts. Disgruntled Instagram users took to Twitter to report the glitch with the hashtag #instagramdown.

Some Twitter users claimed their Instagram had been suspended without any explanation.

Meanwhile, other social media enthusiasts claimed that their Instagram follower counts dropped significantly. 

Reports from Down Detector, a site that monitors social media services, show that the glitch lasted from midnight to around 3 AM AEDT. Approximately one hour into the outage, @InstagramComms tweeted that the tech team was working to fix the problem. 

“We’re aware that some of you are having issues accessing your Instagram account”, the tweet read. “We’re looking into it and apologise for the inconvenience.”

Though an Instagram outage is hardly unprecedented, social media users were concerned with the mass suspension and drastic changes in follower counts. Many were particularly worried that the bug would cause them to lose their accounts and years of memories. 

Almost six hours after social media users started reporting their concerns, Instagram’s PR team confirmed that the glitch had been resolved. 

“[The bug] was causing people in different parts of the world to have issues accessing their accounts and caused a temporary change for some in number of followers, Sorry!” they wrote. 

Head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, also apologised for the outage in a Tweet. 

Here’s to hoping that Instagram isn’t struck down by another bug any time soon!

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