infinite scroll is an internet culture podcast hosted by the Centennial World founder, Lauren Meisner.


The show explores themes surrounding viral stardom, the creator economy, and how social media is shaping Gen Z.


On Tuesdays, we break down the 5 biggest stories on the internet that week. On Thursdays, we deep dive into a topic, scandal, or creator making headlines.

“Easy listening with an in-depth examination of online content that’s making the rounds each week.”


“I always recommend this podcast to all of my friends and family who love to hear and talk about pop culture and social media in depth without the judgement.”


“I love how well researched each episode is, it feels geared towards an intelligent audience.”


“Totally filling the gap for critical thinking and cultural impact and Gen Z/social media/gossip.”


“I’m so offline but I love getting my bi-weekly catchup of the hot news items.”



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