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‘I Finna Be In The Pit’: A Breakdown Of The @Taraswrld Drama Taking Over TikTok

‘I Finna Be In The Pit’: A Breakdown Of The @Taraswrld Drama Taking Over TikTok

Tara Lynn, known on TikTok as @taraswrld, is no stranger to controversy. Earlier this year, the internet came for Tara after she made a TikTok speaking about how BeReal makes her feel like she is the only person working. With many social media users criticising the creator for being “out-of-touch,” Tara’s comments prompted a widespread debate over whether full-time influencing is harder than a 9-5 job. Over the past week, Tara has again found herself in hot water. 

Spending ten thousand dollars on Harry Styles tickets

It all kicked off when Tara posted a TikTok explaining her recent experience going to Harry Styles’ Love On Tour concert in Los Angeles. A glance at Tara’s profile shows that she is a big fan of the singer – where she has spent the last few weeks posting videos from different shows. 


unsure of how to express my happiness anymore

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In a now-deleted TikTok, Tara shared that she “ended up spending ten thousand dollars at this Harry Styles concert.” First, she purchased two pit tickets for around $1,700 from StubHub, a popular ticket resale broker. Then, after realising that she had yet to receive a confirmation email for the tickets, Tara called the company, where a StubHub employee explained that they had not heard back from the seller. In response, Tara was offered two balcony tickets to the concert, which she declined. 

As Tara explained in the video, her friend Max was already waiting for her at the venue. Claiming she had no choice, Tara purchased two more pit tickets from SeatGeek and VividSeats, which cost $4,200 apiece. 

Social media users urged the creator to read the room. Many took issue with Tara complaining about spending ten thousand dollars on the tickets when it was her choice. Meanwhile, others criticised her once again for being “out-of-touch,” noting that the average person does not have a large amount of disposable income to spend on concert tickets. 

However, some users did come to Tara’s defence. For instance, TikTok creator @krissygregory questioned whether people should condemn Tara for how she decided to spend her money. 

“Anyone who is criticising Taraswrld for spending ten thousand dollars of her own money on Harry Styles concert tickets needs to get an f—ing grip”, she goes on to say. “I don’t really understand… are the only people allowed to be wealthy anymore celebrities like the Kardashians or people who work high up in business and government?” 


I truly could never be at her level bc you can’t make everyone happy #fyp #foryou #taraswrld

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Appropriating AAVE

Beyond the fascination of Tara spending exorbitant amounts of money on concert tickets, the video also went viral for how the creator explained the story. After sharing that StubHub offered her balcony seats, Tara said, “No, like, I finna be in the pit.”

Soon, social media users started flooding Tara’s comment sections making jokes about how she was “finna be in the pit.” 

Many Black TikTok users stitched Tara’s original video, noting that she appropriated African-American Vernacular English (AAVE). Unfortunately, with much of today’s slang coming from AAVE, Tara is not the first influencer or celebrity to have appropriated language or spoken with a ‘Blaccent.’

@mylastnameisacountry03 is one of many creators to have taken to the platform to share their thoughts on the situation. 

“Misusing AAVE like that’s really what got it… that’s what got it for me… I finna? No I’m? No contraction?” she said. “It didn’t even sound natural coming out of your mouth. Never again.” 

Allegations that Tara touches her pet bird inappropriately

Off the back of the Harry Styles tickets controversy, Tara has faced serious accusations that she knowingly arouses her pet bird, Marty. The allegations come from a TikTok of Tara responding to a comment that read, “you guys are sick. She, like most people, did not know that ruffling your bird on its neck turns it on.”

In the now-deleted video, Tara explains that when she first got Marty, she was unaware that touching a bird on its back or under its wing “arouses the bird.” However, Tara concluded the video by sharing that “she still does it sometimes” because she finds it “funny” before joking that she is a “terrible person.”


Replying to @mjcx2012 Hey @taraswrld friendly reminder that what you put on the internet stays on the internet. You should have Marty taken from you. It’s not funny. #wtf #justice4marty #taraswrld #sa #notfunny

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Addressing the drama

Two days ago, Tara took to TikTok to address the scandals. She first spoke about the allegations that she harasses her bird, claiming she was making a joke.  

“So when I first got Marty, my bird, I did no research at all… so when I first got him, I would make TikToks with him, and I would be like petting his back. I started getting a few comments being like don’t touch him there that can turn him on,” Tara said. “I thought this was the funniest thing in the world… so I made that dumb video being like, ‘Oh, I still do it sometimes,’ I was joking.” 

She then went on to address her use of AAVE in her Harry Styles concert TikTok, insinuating that her critics are far too sensitive and should not take her phrasing so seriously. 

“I don’t even know why that came out of my mouth, I never even say that… It just sorta came out because I was flustered,” she begins. “If you guys are that mad about something like that, you are not going to make it through this life.”


and thats all she wrote 🙂

♬ original sound – tara lynn

With this drama coming to a close, here’s to hoping that Tara stays out of controversy for the foreseeable future. 

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