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The Gorilla Glue Is Finally Out Of Tessica Brown’s Hair After Plastic Surgery

The Gorilla Glue Is Finally Out Of Tessica Brown’s Hair After Plastic Surgery

Updated February 12, 2021

TikToker Tessica Brown is seeking help after putting Gorilla Glue in her hair.

The user, who goes by @im_d_ollady on the app, went viral earlier this week for using Gorilla Glue as hairspray after running out of her normal got2b holding spray. Tessica revealed on TikTok that her hair hasn’t moved in over a month despite washing it “fifteen times.”

After an outpouring of love and support from millions of people across the internet, Tessica has decided to seek help for her situation. Yesterday, the TikToker posted a photo at the hospital to her 450K+ followers as a medical professional worked on her scalp.

The comment section was flooded with kind words and prayers.

Now, Tessica has posted a YouTube update as well. According to her latest video, it seems the viral sensation was sent home from the hospital with tools and products to use on her hair. The video shows another woman using the products on her hair as Tessica winces in pain.

At the beginning of the video the woman caring for Tessica explains that the products “burn” her scalp.

According to the Gorilla Glue website, the adhesive can be removed with acetone, so we are assuming Tessica was possibly sent home from the hospital with a strong acetone-like formula.

On February 9th, TMZ reported that Tessica will undergo plastic surgery to remove the adhesive. The Louisana-based TikToker reportedly received an offer from Dr. Michael Obeng in Beverly Hills, who says he can fix her hair with a procedure that will take 2-3 days free of charge.

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Tessica has since been able to cut off her ponytail, but her hair on her scalp is still rock solid.

On February 12th, the mother awoke from her surgery to find she could run her fingers through her hair! Dr. Obeng, who has a chemistry background, told TMZ it took a combination of medical-grade adhesive remover, aloe vera, olive oil, and acetone to remove the Gorilla Glue from Tessica’s hair.

Hopefully this traumatic chapter is closed for Tessica Brown.

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