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Review Snapshot of Fenty Beauty’s New Snap Shadows

Review Snapshot of Fenty Beauty’s New Snap Shadows

Fenty Beauty is the gift that keeps on giving this year.

While most brands release new collections in the leadup to the holidays, Fenty’s never been one to play by the rules, and their latest launch is no exception.

Enter: Fenty Beauty Snap Shadows⁠— launching December 26th.

The line features eight eyeshadow palettes with six shades each. The “Snap” comes from the magnetic packaging, allowing pans to snap together for easy travel and accessibility if you buy more than one.

Each palette comes with its own colour story and every shade suits a range of skin tones⁠— a problem many brands struggle with when it comes to eyeshadow. The colour stories include True Neutrals, Cool Neutrals, Deep Neutrals, Rose, Peach, Smoky, Cadet, and Pastel Frost.

So far the shadows have received positive PR reviews from beauty gurus across YouTube. And while many of the reviews seem to be sponsored by Fenty Beauty, the videos speak for themselves, with shadows appearing easy to blend, highly pigmented (even the shimmers!), and really high quality.

Would we expect anything less from Fenty?

Here’s a snapshot of the Fenty Beauty Snap Shadow reviews.

Alissa Ashley raved about the shadows, saying they were super pigmented and had no fall-out⁠— even the mattes. She even went so far as to do a fall-out test on camera, patting her brush repeatedly into one of the matte shades to prove these shadows have been pressed to the highest quality.

NikkieTutorials created a dramatic holiday-inspired cut crease with the Snap Shadows, saying the products were “very pigmented, very blendable beautiful eyeshadows.” She said she loves how perfect they are for traveling and that you can design your own custom palette by snapping your faves together.

Tina Young gave a thorough review, saying the mattes were really rich in colour, easy to blend, and had no fall-out. She found the shimmers to be buttery and said they had good colour payoff considering that can be hard to come by in a shimmer shadow.

Uche Natori didn’t spend too much time focusing on the shadows, but she did say the darker shades were very pigmented whereas the light-medium shades didn’t show up as well. She mentioned that those shades might show up better on fairer skin tones. She felt similarly about the shimmer shade she used⁠— saying it was nice but didn’t quite pop as much as she had hoped.

Fenty Beauty Snap Shadows will be available at Sephora online December 26th and in stores January 16th 2020.

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