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Dixie D’Amelio Dances To Trisha Paytas Saying The N-Word Amidst ‘Dinner With The D’Amelios’ Backlash

Dixie D’Amelio Dances To Trisha Paytas Saying The N-Word Amidst ‘Dinner With The D’Amelios’ Backlash

The saga continues.

Dixie D’Amelio is defending her sister against internet trolls by dancing to the n-word for her 40 million TikTok followers.

ICYMI, the D’Amelio sisters are facing backlash— including death threats and comments encouraging them to take their own lives— for a YouTube video posted to their family channel on Monday for what fans are calling “bratty” and “ungrateful” behaviour. Amongst those criticising the teens is YouTuber Trisha Paytas, who created a series of TikTok videos calling out them out.

Yesterday, Trisha also dragged James Charles into the mix (who was featured in the vlog) by insinuating his relationship with 16-year-old Charli D’Amelio was inappropriate.

Though James handled Trisha’s baseless accusations on his own (in an iconic TikTok rant that will go down in history), Charli’s big sis has gone on the defence as well.

In a since-deleted video, Dixie does the renegade dance to Trisha Paytas saying the n-word as she raps NWA’s “F*ck The Police.”

She captioned the TikTok, “I couldn’t find the sound for this dance so I chose a random one 😀 hope that’s ok!! anyways let’s bring back RENEGADE!!”

Dixie’s retaliation is likely in response to claims the 32-year-old YouTuber made after James Charles brought up her decade of problematic behaviour on the internet, including saying the n-word, doing blackface, and offending the transgender community as well as the dissociative identity disorder community.

Trisha clapped back at James in a TikTok with, “You said I did blackface, where? Show me where?” She went to say that James brought up instances from her past that she has apologised for “time and time again.”

Despite intent, Dixie is now facing backlash herself for promoting the n-word to her millions of followers.

Many fans feel the eldest D’Amelio sister is using the n-word for her own personal gain and in turn, weaponising a word that does not belong to her.

Dixie has since deleted the video, saying she took it down because her point was made.

Trisha has since responded, claiming the audio clip was from 10 years ago.

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“Dixie was dancing to a song with the n-word not bleeped yesterday,” she starts. “I said the word 10 years ago. How come you and your sister have done multiple dances to the n-word?”

Trisha goes on to say that just because the girls don’t say or lip-sync the word while dancing “doesn’t make it okay.”

Here’s hoping this is the last we hear of this saga and that Trisha takes several seats.

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