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Def Noodles Faces Ridicule For Drama Channel Apology Tour

Def Noodles Faces Ridicule For Drama Channel Apology Tour

Internet commentary personality Def Noodles has recently been called out for going on an ingenuine apology tour, sending copy and pasted apologies to his many critics.

Def Noodles— real name Dennis Feitosa— faced backlash last year when the YouTuber got into multiple feuds with fellow drama channels including Keemstar and PapaGut. 

These feuds kicked off a tumultuous time for Dennis. He got banned from Twitter for a year, filed a defamation lawsuit against Keemstar, and has since seen a steady decline in his follower count.

In an effort to rectify his mistakes, Dennis sent out apologies DMs to many of his critics.

YouTuber Nicholas DeDrio (who has publicly shared opposing views to Def Noodles on Discord in the past) posted the apology Dennis sent to him on Twitter. The message came with a request to have further conversations with Nicholas on or off camera, with Dennis saying that he just wants to “make peace of it all.”

It seems that Dennis has reached out to other creators including Tipster and Kavos. However, not everyone is ready to accept the apology, especially since fans have pointed out that the apologies Dennis sent all look very similar to each other. 

Kavos posted to his Twitter that he received the same apology that Nicholas did, with almost the exact same language.

“Def Noodles, the man who slandered me, tweeted last year about how he was going to physically assault me & overall douche bag has reached out to ‘bury the hatchet’,” Kavos wrote. He went on to say that his response to the plea is a resounding no.

Kavos and Dennis have had an ongoing feud for years, with both creators posting videos to their main channels ‘exposing’ and roasting each other. 

In the comment section of Kavos’ tweet, he explained that another reason why he thinks the apology is ingenuine is that Dennis asked people on his (now deleted) live stream to help him construct the apology — instead of it coming from his own accord. 

Another creator who has a lot to say about Dennis’ suspicious apology tour is YouTuber PapaGut.

In 2022, Dennis claimed that he made PapaGut famous and said that “he looks like a pedophile.” Dennis also posted a picture of PapaGut crying when he was talking about the importance of advocating for sexual assault survivors and their stories, before putting it on a shirt and selling it as merchandise.

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Now, in response to Dennis’ recent apology tour, PapaGut posted a video on his channel titled ‘Def Noodles Disingenuous Apology Tour’, where he called it “virtual signaling.” PapaGut also admitted that he is yet to receive an apology from Dennis and doesn’t think he will receive one. 

The creator boils this down to two main reasons: the first being that, “none of these apologies mean anything and it’s just because [Dennis has] fallen off so hard that he’s desperately trying to get some attention from people again.” 

Secondly, PapaGut said, “He probably hates me… and honestly I just don’t think that he cares.”

Some fans have come to Dennis’ defense, saying that his apology should be taken seriously, whilst others stand firm in that his apology is not enough and does not need to be accepted. 

For now, it doesn’t seem like Dennis will be let off the hook quite yet. Only time will tell if he is able to recover from his swift career downfall. 

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