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Trend Alert: Colourful Under Eyes Are Making Waves On TikTok

Trend Alert: Colourful Under Eyes Are Making Waves On TikTok

Colourful Undereye Trend

It’s been a minute since we’ve seen a truly unique makeup trend on TikTok, so this one has got us squealing.

Introducing, the colourful under eye look.

This colourful creation is the brainchild of makeup artist @naezrahlooks who boasts a cool 249k followers on Instagram, and 177k followers on TikTok.

The Haiti-native is known for her bold and whimsical eye looks, and is not one to shy away from brightening her under eye area. In fact, Naezrah shared in a TikTok caption that her colourful under eye idea was actually in response to the flack she frequently cops for brightening her under eyes too much (whatever that means!).

Since her first colourful under eye look went viral in late April, Naezrah has come through with several equally serving variations, from lilac to rainbow, sharing tutorials on how she creates these looks for her followers.

First, the creator moisturises and primes her face with Milk Makeup’s Vegan Moisturizer and Hydro Grip Primer. She applies her contour and foundation base before applying concealer a few shades lighter than her skin tone on her inner corners, chin, and forehead. Naezrah then goes in with P. Louise Cosmetic Paint in Blank Canvas which she blends into her inner corners and down beside her nose. She takes blush from her cheeks up to her temples before applying a generous amount of P. Louise Cosmetic Paints in Paint Shade 0 around her inner corners and beside her nose. She recommends setting it lightly with translucent powder.

And now you’re ready to paint your under eyes any colourful look you want!

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☆○o🌈☁️rainbow bright undereyes has arrived ☁️🌈 ○o ☆everyone doing colored bright undereyes look goodt ! thank you! ☆

♬ Vaderz (feat. Bktherula) – Rico Nasty

In a matter of days, videos and tutorials for this trend have raked in millions of views and been re-created by some of TikTok’s most popular makeup creators.

Follow Naezrah on Instagram and TikTok for more colourful under eye looks.

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