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Brittany Broski Faces Backlash From Harry Styles Fans Over Spotify Wrapped

Brittany Broski Faces Backlash From Harry Styles Fans Over Spotify Wrapped

Another example of when stan culture goes too far.

TikTok star Brittany Broski (real name Brittany Tomlinson) is facing backlash after sharing her Spotify Wrapped this year.

The 25-year-old, who first went viral in 2019 for her reaction to trying kombucha and has since built a lucrative career as a comedy creator, has long shared her love of Harry Styles with her audience.

Brittany has met the ‘As It Was’ singer several times, and was even gifted a surprise meet-and-greet with him back in May when his team reached out via DM to invite her to Harry’s One Night Only concert in New York City.

The creator was under the impression she was attending a live performance and posted her reaction to the surprise meet-and-greet experience on her social channels where she can be seen crying while Harry thanks her for being there.

After making her love for him such a big part of her online brand, Brittany is now being criticised by fans after her Spotify Wrapped of this year did not include Harry Styles in her top 5 artists.

Upon sharing her Wrapped list on Twitter and Instagram stories— which featured Bad Bunny, Tame Impala, The 1975, Hozier, and Rosalia as her top 5 artists— Harry stans began harassing the star on social media for taking away opportunities from “genuine big fans” over the course of her career.

“Everyone saying I’m being dramatic, she just uses his name for attention and was crowned “harries fearless leader” when she’s really not even streaming his music like that lmfao. We can be upset over this,” wrote Twitter user @oatmilkrry. “You are more than allowed to listen to other artists besides Harry, just don’t make him your entire personality for clout and take away opportunities from genuine big fans”.

TikTok user and Harry Styles fan @tobesolarrie28 addressed the situation, noting that Harry released his third studio album ‘Harry’s House’ this year. She questioned why those songs weren’t in Brittany’s Wrapped.

“Did she forget that when she tweeted Harry-ween, he was singing Harry’s House songs? Like, excuse me? Like Harry literally came out with a new album beginning of this year. Like, I didn’t know the songs, or like, the album actually, has [an] expiration date that you cannot listen to it anymore after like, a certain time,” she said.

“Brittany, just [admit] that you used Harry for online clout and attention,” she continued. “You can admit to it— that was a PR [friendship] that you had with Harry Styles.”

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Thousands of internet users have come to Brittany’s defense, calling the backlash over dramatic and telling Harry Styles fans to log off and touch grass.

Though Brittany seems to have moved on from the drama (loose term), this is another unfortunate example of how toxic and out-of-touch stan culture has become, especially among Gen Z who often live their lives chronically online.

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