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Boys Lie x Ariel Is Here: Why It’s The Brand’s Best Collection Yet

Boys Lie x Ariel Is Here: Why It’s The Brand’s Best Collection Yet

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If the tagline “Boys Lie” looks familiar, that’s because it probably is. And if you don’t recognise the brand by name, you definitely will on sight. With a fanbase including Dua Lipa, Madison Beer and Ariana Grande, it’s no wonder the two, going on three year-old streetwear brand has become a fast favourite amongst Millennials and Gen Z.

With limited runs, exclusive drops and slogans like “We’re sorry, the number you’re trying to reach has moved on“, and “You are your own perfect match” co-founders Tori Robinson and Leah O’Malley have seen astronomical success— success which can in part be attributed to timing— launching a street cross loungewear label during a global pandemic, but also thanks to a strong brand identity and messaging that “resonates with anyone who has experienced heartbreak,” Leah tells Centennial Beauty.

Virality too, remains a key component to success (as with most brands in 2022). Beginning as a way for the co-founders to catalogue inspirational content, the Boys Lie Instagram account, which now boasts 125,000 followers, started as a “mood board relating to heartbreak, love, friendship, empowerment and self worth. Through this,” Tori and Leah explain “we were able to reflect what our true brand DNA was. We gained a following and created a demographic before anyone knew that we would eventually announce Boys Lie as a clothing brand.”

“Boys Lie is relatable in that sense and has created a huge community of people who are moving on and finding themselves again,” Leah says. And not just by way of a traditional breakup, “it’s important to remember that heartbreak can stem from any kind of loss,” she explains. “It’s something all walks of life can relate to,” Tori says, but it’s unsurprising the messaging has found a stronger foothold with the 25-34 age group (32% of the brand’s customer base), followed by the 13-17 year old age group— demographics still in the throes of self discovery, making mistakes, finding and losing friends. “Our clothing empowers you to wear your heart on your sleeve and feel empowered doing so. That alone creates a viral factor.”

In keeping with the brand ethos, the co-founders’ latest collaborator is no stranger to the viral space, or the inclusivity and relatability Boys Lie prides itself: Ariel Tejada. Growing his following as a celebrity makeup artist, counting the likes of Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner and Nikita Dragun as clients, Ariel has solidified himself in the creative space, having also recently launched a namesake brush collection with Morphe.

In speaking of how the collaboration came to be, Tori explains “Ariel has been such an amazing supporter of the brand for some time now. Leah and I have always found him to be creatively inspiring in the world of cosmetics. We thought it would be an amazing opportunity to see his skills in the world of clothing…We were the first brand to ever collaborate with Forbes and we have been the first clothing brand to ever collaborate with Ariel. There’s something really unique and special to me about that.”

The Boys Lie x Ariel collection made up of 11 pieces, featuring fleece jersey lining, suede-backed sherpa and delicate crepe weave fabric, stands apart from previous collections or collaborations. Ariel tells Centennial Beauty “I wanted to speak on authenticity and self-love.” The collection itself designed to be a “celebration of myself and the Boys Lie community. I wanted people, both men and women to feel beautiful in my collection,” he says.

Tori and Leah expand, explaining that “these pieces can be styled universally for anyone and everyone…It broke boundaries from what we’ve done in the past…[Ariel’s] confidence in himself, his ability to find happiness in his darkest moments and his ability to share his creative talent…is truly inspiring.”

Boys Lie x Ariel is available now.

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