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#SurvivingSophia: LA “Publicist” Sophia Nur Accused Of Scamming Influencers Out Of Millions

#SurvivingSophia: LA “Publicist” Sophia Nur Accused Of Scamming Influencers Out Of Millions

A woman posing as a publicist is being accused of scamming several LA influencers as #SurvivingSophia trends on social media.

The accusations came to light during a Twitter Spaces live audio conversation between some of social media’s biggest creators like Ricky Thompson, Denzel Dion, Jeff Wittek, Nikita Dragun, and more.

According to the conversation, Sophia Nur posed as a publicist and swindled her way into LA influencer circles by claiming to be associated with other high-profile personalities— including Jack Harlow whom she was apparently “obsessed” with. At one point, Sophia allegedly claimed she was pregnant with Jack’s baby.

Once she had befriended an influencer, the faux-publicist reportedly conned them out of money through emotional manipulation by telling them sob stories about her life and asking for money to help.

There are reports she stole a total of $11 million, however that is an unverified figure and it’s likely much lower than that.

Who was scammed by Sophia Nur?

Amongst those who were scammed by Sophia were the Vlog Squad’s Jeff Wittek and Suzy Antonyan. Jeff revealed during the conversation that he had given Sophia his credit card after she frequently told stories about how she had been robbed, sexually assaulted, and was homeless.

Sophia apparently told other people that she was working for Jeff.

Rickey Thompson also came forward with his experience being scammed by Sophia, admitting he considered her a good friend and had even given her a key to his house. He claims he eventually realised she was scamming him for his money and distanced himself.

Others detailed instances when they had paid for flights and trips for Sophia which she refused to pay back.

Olivia O’Brien tells Dixie D’Amelio about Sophia Nur

Amid the explosion of #SurvivingSophia, a clip has resurfaced of singer Olivia O’Brien speaking about the con artist on The Early Late Night Show with Dixie D’Amelio back in June.

When asked if she has ever had a “crazy fan experience”, Olivia tells Dixie about her first encounter with Sophia at Jake Paul’s boxing match in Atlanta earlier this year.

“I’m not even kidding this was like the craziest story ever,” Olivia starts. “She came up to me and was like, ‘I love your hair’ and I was like, ‘Thank you so much, like nice to meet you’. And then she turns around, and turns back around and is like, ‘Wait are you Olivia?’ and I was like, ‘Yeah I am!’. And she was like, ‘Oh, that’s so cool nice to meet you, I’m here by myself, my work sent me.'”

Dixie interrupts to say, “I know who you’re talking about!”

“Sophia, that was her name,” Olivia admits.

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The singer goes on to say that Sophia “latched on” to her for the rest of the night, hanging out in their box and speaking with Jake’s mother. Olivia says that Sophia kept telling everyone that she was friends with her even though they had just met.

Olivia claims that Sophia was kicked out as she didn’t have a VIP pass.

“Then she like leaves, then she comes back and is like, ‘I left my charger’…saying she left all these things and that she lost her pass and security tried to escort her out, and she came back and was like ‘Security just told me like, I couldn’t be here like, can you just tell them that like, I’m friends with you, like I lost my pass?'”

The singer goes on to explain that after the fight, Sophia ended up swindling her way into the afterparty as well as Jake Paul’s house, as if she was following Olivia and her friends.

Dixie shares her own experience with Sophia, saying she introduced herself claiming she worked in PR, which confused Dixie as she kept getting kicked out of places “all night”.

Since the news of Sophia’s alleged scams went viral, her Twitter account was deleted and she has not publicly addressed claims at the time of publication.

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