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TikTok’s First Beauty Brand Is Here

TikTok’s First Beauty Brand Is Here

There’s no denying that TikTok has had a powerful impact on the beauty world.

TikTok’s appeal is in its authenticity. Scroll through the For You Page and you’ll see users creating imperfect, unedited content in their messy bedrooms donning sweatpants, wet hair and minimal makeup.

The TikTok generation is swinging the pendulum far from the ‘Instagram baddies’ that have dominated social media over the last few years (think: big bums, tight clothes, lip fillers, and full glam at all times). It’s inspiring an entirely new type of “acceptable” beauty— one that uses makeup as a form of artistic expression and to enhance your natural beauty.

TikTok, albeit not alone, has helped a generation embrace their flaws, encouraging teens to forego full-coverage foundation and extreme contouring in favour of a more parred-back, natural standard of beauty.

But still with lots of fun!

And now, you can have a piece of that fun.

Enter: The Nel Twins.

The Nel Twins, Shanae and Renae, are TikTok’s first influencers to launch their own cosmetics line. And with over 1.2M followers on TikTok alone, the girls are expertly placed to launch a gen-z beauty brand.

Their brand, cleverly called The Gloss Twins, debuts with the Nel Gel collection— three high-shine iridescent lip glosses with no stickiness. The glosses come in shades Angel Glaze, a clear gloss, Faith, a clear gloss with shimmering gold highlights, and Patience Is Golden, a gold shimmering gloss.

According to the website, the glosses are vegan, cruelty-free and will cost about $12 USD each.

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The 20-year-olds plan to give fans a glimpse into their formulation process by live-streaming sessions at their lab.

They’ve also started their own trending hashtag #GlossTwinsTrend encouraging costumers to post a TikTok applying their glosses.

The Nel Gel gloss collection is now available for pre-order and orders will be shipped out starting April 15th.

We can’t wait to see what the girls come out with next.

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