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Why Is Twitter Trying To Cancel Noah Beck?

Why Is Twitter Trying To Cancel Noah Beck?

Noah Beck is the most recent TikTok star to face a public cancellation.

After making headlines all week for his rumoured relationship with Dixie D’Amelio, Noah Beck is now facing criticism for alleged homophobic behaviour online.

The controversy kicked off this weekend when TikTok drama pages uploaded screenshots exposing Noah’s liked tweets from 2018 and 2019. While we can’t confirm if the tweets are real or not, it appears that Noah has liked a number of homophobic messages calling the LGBTQ+ community “out of control” and “annoying as fuck.”

Understandably, the backlash has been severe, with fans calling for the star’s cancellation. The hashtag #NoahBeckIsOverParty has since been trending on Twitter in America, the UK, and Australia, and numerous critics have come forward with more evidence of Noah’s problematic behaviour, including a clip from his recent IG live where the 19-year-old defends dating underage girls.

Fans also note that this isn’t the first time Noah has been accused of homophobic behaviour. Just last month, Noah featured in a vlog on Bryce Hall’s YouTube channel, titled, “Noah Beck is Dating James Charles“— which many felt was queerbaiting.

Fellow viral stars have since come to Noah’s defence. Chris Daniels was the first to respond, writing in an Instagram comment that he personally was “raised to be homophobic” and was educated through TikTok. “I’m all for character growth, believe in people and believe that they can better themselves. Help educate them instead of canceling them,” he said.

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Former Hype House member Darianka Sanchez also came to Noah’s defence, saying she agrees with Chris’ comment. “I live/grew up in a town that’s not diverse at all and very very Republican. Although I’ve always supported LGBTQ+, a lot of people in my hometown didn’t until they were educated,” she wrote. “Unfortunately some people are just raised that way but they can be educated and they can change their views.”

Noah Beck has not publicly addressed the homophobic tweets at the time of publication.

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