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Twitter Reacts To NY Jets TikTok Duet With Addison Rae

Twitter Reacts To NY Jets TikTok Duet With Addison Rae

Another day, another social media “intern” getting fired for posting something inappropriate to a corporate account.

Today the New York Jets football team posted a TikTok duet with Hype House‘s Addison Rae where a football seemingly shoots out of her butt as she dances to Shake Date by Loui ft. Lil Jay.

While the video was deleted only 30 minutes after uploading, internet sleuths obviously got ahold of it before it was taken down.

Take a look for yourself.

The Jets’ account isn’t the first to create this type of duet with Addison‘s video, but they are the only corporate account to do so that we know of.

As a result, they’re facing a lot of backlash on Twitter, with fans of the team saying the TikTok was inappropriate especially since Addison is only 19 years old.

Should I call child protection services?,” one fan wrote.

Another claimed he’s on the market for a new football team to root for.

Though some are blaming Addison for the provocative dance (AKA victim-blaming 101), others are coming to her defense, like @KayCSmooth who tweeted, “It’s gross for a prominent organization to post her doing a suggestive dance like that. It’s not her fault at all, but it’s not a good look. They look it down for a reason.

Many are making jokes about the social media “intern” being fired, a common PR move for corporations who mess up on social media.

Funny as hell but somebody gettin fired today,” wrote sports podcast account, Roll Call by The Unit, to which another replied, “Somebody lost their career for 30 minutes of Tik Tok fame. Moment of silence.”

And of course, there will always be those who think the whole thing is light-hearted, saying everyone needs to relax and that they thought it was funny.

Neither the NY Jets nor Addison have commented on the situation at the time of publishing.

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