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Kylie Jenner’s Next Makeup Collab Is With Daughter Stormi

Kylie Jenner’s Next Makeup Collab Is With Daughter Stormi

Kylie Jenner’s next makeup collab is with none other than her daughter, Stormi Webster.

In a photo Kylie posted to her Instagram last week, Stormi can be seen leaning over a table strewn in product mock-ups and packaging designs, with “Kylie Cosmetics Valentines Day Collection 2020” written across the top of one page.

The collection seems to include a 9-pan palette with sunset-esque shades and potentially a mauve-toned lip kit.

The packaging appears pastel purple and beautifully decorated with butterflies (including the liquid lipstick tube!) with the signature “KYLIE” replaced by “STORMI.”

Butterflies hold great significance for the Webster fam— Travis released his song “Butterfly Effect” one month after Kylie fell pregnant, Kylie and Travis both have tiny matching butterfly tattoos, and Stormi’s name is reportedly inspired by the concept of the butterfly effect theory, which states that the smallest of changes, like the flapping of a butterfly’s wings, can have massive effects such as starting a tornado…or a storm.

Though Kylie is no stranger to collaborating with her family (she’s created lines with Kim, Kourtney, Khloe, and Kris), this will be the first time Kylie Cosmetics collabs with one of the Kar-Jenner’s own children.

The line is set to release before Valentine’s Day and given Stormi’s birthday is February 1st, we’re thinking it’ll probably be around then.

We can’t wait to see the first of what, we assume, will be many Kylie Jenner x Stormi Webster collabs.

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