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3 Sunscreens Instagram Can’t Stop Talking About

3 Sunscreens Instagram Can’t Stop Talking About

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Updated 16th April, 2021.

Beauty products for the most part are always up for debate, one person’s holy-grail formula breaks someone else out. But whether you use a retinol or a hyaluronic acid is completely up to you, if you want to use anything at all. One product that isn’t optional however? SPF. 

It is a well known fact that sunscreen is a must, from anti-ageing to preventing permanent or dangerous damage, it’s skincare’s greatest multi-tasker…whether you’re currently in the middle of your summer or your winter, it’s a necessity – every. damn. day. But finding the right formula plays a huge role in whether or not you actually wear it or not, so we’ve rounded up the top SPF products Instagram is talking about and the honest reviews, so you can find your ride-or-die formula and start being your most sun-protected self.

1/ Ultra Violette Supreme Screen SPF50+ Hydrating Facial Sunscreen

Not only the cutest packaging on the Internet, Ultra Violette has nailed the brief. With a formula that doesn’t leave a white cast, protects your skin all day long and doesn’t include controversial ingredients such as Oxybenzone, you can thank us later.

@ms_hannah_e says: “If you’re not wearing SPF regularly, if you want a sunscreen that feels like a moisturiser, if you want your mornings to be quick, this is for you. Satin finish, great UVA protection, supremely elegant texture.”

2/ Supergoop! SuperScreen Daily Moisturizer

As the first to do so in the US, Supergoop! changed the sunscreen game in creating an Oxybenzone free formula. Plus, with a hard push for a year round sun protection mentality, it has become one of the most loved sun protection brands in the US.

@dirtyboysgetclean says: “It’s sooo good. It’s literally a gorgeous moisturizer with SPF40. No more applying a moisturizer then applying an SPF. I have dry skin and this stuff is amazing. There’s no white-cast or chalkiness to it. It sinks right into the skin like a good moisturizer should. I’m incredibly particular with my SPF so I’m really glad Supergoop! Came through once again with a great SPF option.”

3/ Krave Beauty The Beet Shield

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As of April 2021, Krave Beauty released a statement explaining that due to faulty lab results, The Beet Shield is no longer available. Krave Beauty has announced a Refund Protocol for Beet The Sun and The Beet Shield. Read more from the brand here.

While it hasn’t landed yet in Aus – we love to know what’s good for when international shipping is available (which should be very soon)…also so you know what to ask that Aunt who travels a lot to pick up next time she’s in the US or South Korea. Please and thanku x

@iiroshnii says: “The texture of this sunscreen is like a thick condensed milk that applies very smooth, evenly and absorbs well without leaving a white cast.There is some shine after application but nothing that feels greasy or grimy during the summer. It gives the skin a healthy/dewy glow…[and] lays well under makeup (you just have to wait a few minutes for it to fully absorb before applying makeup) and it is easy to reapply with (I use a cushion a tap the product in over my makeup). It does contain alcohol which I was [worried] about but it did not have an alcohol kickback nor did it dry out my skin. My dehydrated/sensitive skin is pretty satisfied with this product and I have been skipping AM moisturisers and going straight in with this. I am on my third bottle and plan on repurchasing…”

Try our favourites: Ultra Violette Supreme Screen SPF 50+ Hydrating Facial Sunscreen, Supergoop SuperScreen Daily Moisturizer SPF 40, Krave Beauty The Beet Shield

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