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How Claudia Conway Used TikTok To Convince Her Mum To Leave The White House

How Claudia Conway Used TikTok To Convince Her Mum To Leave The White House

The power of social media in all its glory.

If you weren’t already convinced of TikTok’s political influence (hello, Trump’s Tulsa rally!), the platform’s latest impact on The White House administration is sure to change that for you.

Aside from the millions of anti-Trump videos that circulate the app on the daily, one unlikely creator has emerged in recent months ready to tackle the Republican party head-on.

Enter: 15-year-old Claudia Conway, daughter of Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway.

Despite her close relation, Claudia has become a vocal anti-Trump activist online, frequenting creating TikToks expressing that she does not share her mother or father’s views. The teen’s father is George Conway of The Lincoln Project— a group formed by Republicans against Trump. Though George is also critical of Trump, Claudia has made it clear on her social media that they differ on many fronts.

In a video posted 4 days ago, Claudia wrote, “Just found out my dad is pro-life and very conservative and likes capitalism.” She captioned the video, “Stop saying you stan my dad please?.”

Claudia’s views have branded her a controversial figure on the platform. Just last week, TikTok deleted one of her videos criticising her mother amidst the President’s threat to ban the social app.

While TikTok may not appreciate Claudia’s efforts, its users sure do. Since speaking out against her parents, Claudia’s social media presence has exploded. With over 600K followers and counting, the blonde has found an abundance of support and love from her online community who can relate to her family struggles and encourage her to continue using her voice.

However, it all came to a head this weekend when Claudia discovered her mother would be a speaker at the 2020 Republican National Convention— creating a knock-on effect that no one could have expected.

First, the 15-year-old began expressing her devastation over Kellyanne speaking at the convention. She tweeted that she was “devastated beyond compare” and said on TikTok that she was going to run away.

She also tweeted at infamous hacking collective Anonymous asking them to “hack into the RNC system and stream my WAP dance when my mom is speaking.”

She then sent the internet ablaze when she followed this up saying she would be “officially pushing for emancipation.”

Twitter / Claudia Conway

Claudia continued, “My mother’s job ruined my life to begin with. Heartbreaking that she continues to go down that path after years of watching her children suffer. Selfish. It’s all about money and fame, ladies and gentlemen.”

Claudia has three siblings— her twin George, 15; Charlotte Conway, 11; and Vanessa Conway, 10.

Claudia went on to clear up any misconceptions about where she stands on her father’s beliefs, writing that they agree “on absolutely nothing” except their views on the current president.

The series of tweets inevitably received some backlash, with many telling the teen that getting emancipated over political beliefs seems extreme.

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Claudia responded to critics, explaining that she is hoping to get emancipated because of alleged “years of childhood trauma and abuse.”

Claudia’s accusations sparked an influx of empathy and support from fans as well as many unfavourable media headlines.

This, if nothing else, seemed to get her parents’ attention.

Shortly after Claudia’s Twitter frenzy, Kellyanne Conway announced that she will be leaving her post at The White House by the end of the month to focus on family. Claudia’s father, George, also announced minutes later that he was stepping away from The Lincoln Project.

Claudia reacted to her parents’ announcements on TikTok, saying, “Look what I did. Look at what I did ladies and gentlemen. Look at what I did!”

For now, Claudia has decided to take a break as well. The teen shared on both TikTok and Twitter that she will be taking a mental health break from social media.

She finished by asking that no one send hate to her parents.

Centennial Beauty reached out to Claudia Conway for comment and did not hear back at time of publication.

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