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Amelie Zilber & Blake Gray Announce Breakup

Amelie Zilber & Blake Gray Announce Breakup

TikTok’s golden couple, Amelie Zilber and Blake Gray have called it quits.

This past weekend, Amelie and Blake posted a joint statement to their Instagram stories, explaining that they are “no longer together.” 

Their stories continue, “[We] want to express our deepest gratitude for your unconditional support and love these past 2 years… we will always be there for each other and look fondly on the love we shared. No one is at fault, and we came to this decision mutually.”  

Amelie also took to TikTok to share her feelings about the breakup. In the video, she urged her followers to “please just be nice.”  

“I really want to reiterate that we love each other so much, and, I am not going to cry… I really don’t want him to get any hate, and I don’t want that for myself either,” she says. “Really, no one did anything wrong. It just happens that, like, when you start dating someone, and you are young, and you are together for a few years, you just grow up a little, and you become different people…” 

Viewers have since flooded Amelie’s comment section with love and support. 

“You both are amazing – will always support you and Blake together or apart!! 💖,” one TikTok user wrote. 

“Dont worry you will get through it Amelie these feelings will pass i am proud of you💓,” another commented.    


Might not be myself rn, but I’m excited to take you along this new journey with me❤️

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The pair have been together since 2020 – rumours about their relationship spread after a now-deleted TikTok went viral, showing Amelie and Blake cuddling at a house party. The pair went on to confirm their relationship in December of that year. 

Since then, Amelie and Blake have appeared at various fashion events together and were even the faces of Ralph Lauren’s ‘Romance’ fragrance campaign last year. 

Brb, we’re crying.  

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