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Who is JoJo Siwa’s Rumoured New Girlfriend, Katie Mills?

Who is JoJo Siwa’s Rumoured New Girlfriend, Katie Mills?

Jojo and Katie

After confirming her breakup with girlfriend Kylie Prew in November this year, it seems tween idol JoJo Siwa is back on the dating bandwagon– with rumours surfacing she is dating fellow social media teen, Katie Mills.

Talk of the two started after Katie posted a TikTok with JoJo doing the ‘You’re a Jerk’ dance trend, which gained over 13 million views.

They were later seen together in public sitting courtside at the LA Lakers game on December 21.


When I tell you my life flashed before my eyes….

♬ Coming In Hot – Andy Mineo & Lecrae

Neither JoJo nor Katie have confirmed their relationship status, but the two have been posting together frequently on TikTok in the past week. 

Internet sleuthers even searched through Katie’s VSCO account finding unreleased photos of the two that suggest the two are more than friends.


Reply to @messykrest let’s go lesbians #jojosiwa

♬ original sound – kaelee

Who is Katie Mills?

Katie is a college freshman at Snow College in Ephraim, Utah where she plays on the soccer team. With over 190K followers on TikTok, Katie is also an active social media figure. Her content ranges from dance challenges to relationship POVs. She is also outspoken on her experiences as part of the LGBTQ+ community.

While fans were overwhelmingly supportive of Jojo’s first public relationship with Kylie Prew, the reaction has not been the same with Katie, to say the least. Many fans were surprised to see Jojo with someone new, especially as she only confirmed her breakup with Kylie in early November, after ten months of dating.

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Fans also showed concern that Katie was using Jojo for her fame, seeing as she was the first to post about their relationship. 

Their videos together are filled with comments like “she’s being used”, “this is going to end badly”, and “tell me you want to be famous without telling me you want to be famous”.

Many TikTok users have also claimed that Katie is a Trump supporter, bringing up tweets that Katie allegedly liked during the US Presidential Election in 2020. However, these tweets could not be found at the time of publication.

Other TikTok users have reminded people that Jojo is still a teenager, experiencing and experimenting with dating just like others her age. 

One user commented, “Can you imagine being a teenager and having THOUSANDS of people comment negative things about your bf/gf? Come on people. Do better”, and with the New Year fast approaching, let’s get behind this message and bring a little more kindness into 2022.

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