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Trend Alert: Siren Eyes Are Taking Over TikTok

Trend Alert: Siren Eyes Are Taking Over TikTok

Move over graphic liner and “clean girl” makeup, there is a new TikTok trend in town— siren eyes have entered the chat. 

Taken from Greek mythology, the name refers to the half-bird and half-woman creatures who would lure sailors off course – and often to their death – with enchanting singing and music. Emulating the siren’s ability to seduce the passing sailors, the siren eye look is all about embracing a mysterious and sultry vibe with makeup. 

Using eyeliner to elongate the eye and give it a soft but lifted appearance, this technique creates a smize that Tyra Banks would be proud of.

While using eyeliner to intensify a specific aesthetic is nothing new, TikTok users are embracing the messaging behind siren eyes and the idea of embracing feminine power with makeup. 

At the time of publication, #SirenEyes has accumulated over 197 million views on TikTok, with the hashtag’s “top liked” videos sitting at over one million likes each. 

While the hashtag isn’t associated with a specific trend or audio, most videos show users comparing different types of eyeliner or sharing pictures of celebrities rocking “siren eyes.” 

So, how do you create the siren eyes look?

While countless beauty creators have gone viral on TikTok for posting tutorials on achieving siren eyes, there seem to be a few common tips and tricks. 

To start off, some TikTokers choose to map out the wing with eyeshadow. In her tutorial on siren eyes, Steph (a.k.a @stexph.h) first takes a dark brown eyeshadow to smoke out her lower and upper lash lines before blending it out. 

“Our focus should be bringing everything out and straight as opposed to up,” Steph explains.  

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Steph then takes a black pencil liner to line her waterline and create a thin wing extending from her lower lashline. Some creators, like @daniellemarcan, add an additional line across the upper eyelid to connect the end of the wing to the crease, creating a v-shape outlining the eye.  

Before softening the eyeliner with black eyeshadow, Danielle takes a pencil liner and darkens the inner corner of her eye and lower lash line.

After blending it all out and applying mascara, it’s time to embrace your inner Bella Hadid. 

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