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Introducing ‘The Future X’: The Gen Z Pop Group Created On TikTok

Introducing ‘The Future X’: The Gen Z Pop Group Created On TikTok

The Future X Members

After a global search on TikTok, former Spice Girls manager Simon Fuller has announced the members of his new pop group, The Future X. 

The group consists of three vocalists, Angie Green, Luke Brown, and Maci Wood, and four dancers, Jayna Hughes, Sasha Marie, Tray Taylor, and Drew Venegas, all of whom were selected through an open call audition on TikTok. Aspiring performers were invited to post a 60-second video using the hashtag #NextInMusic, with submissions being judged on production quality, on-camera presence and performance, and creativity and originality. Most of the members’ original auditions are still up on their TikTok accounts!


forever ♾ nextinmusic contest

♬ original sound – jaybae👼🏼

The seven official members are now living together in Malibu in a Hype House-eque arrangement as they prepare for the release of their debut single, ‘This Kind of Love’ and an upcoming tour of Brazil with United, another pop group created by Fuller. 

Without further ado, let’s meet the talented members of The Future X!

Angie Green

Angelina “Angie” Green’s life can only be likened to Hannah Montana’s right now. The 17-year-old from Miami appeared on season 12 of America’s Got Talent, where she made it to the quarter-finals, and recently starred in the Nickelodeon film ‘California Dreaming’, another project of Simon Fuller’s. But just months ago, her social media accounts showed a regular high schooler, whose favourite subject was science, and favourite television shows were Euphoria, The Office, and Rick and Morty. In a recent Instagram story Q&A, Angie described her current lifestyle as “crazy”, “surreal”, and “a dream”. Angie is also fluent in Spanish as her parents are from Paraguay, which has no doubt helped her connect with The Future X’s sizeable South American fanbase.

Luke Brown

With 343.5K followers, Luke Brown had already built up a solid following on TikTok with his smooth vocals prior to joining The Future X. He frequently duets other artists on TikTok adding harmonies, and has released several covers and original songs under the name LowkeyLuke. Luke was also one of 100 creators selected to be a part of the inaugural TikTok for Black Creatives Initiative in 2021, which hosted events and training opportunities to support Black creators. 

Maci Wood

The third and final vocalist of the group is 17-year-old Canadian, Maci Wood. Prior to joining The Future X, Maci would frequently post song covers to her Instagram account, but it was her cover of Jax’s ‘Like My Father’ that got her a golden ticket to Malibu. She recently shared on her Instagram story that she first fell in love with music and performing at 11-years-old after singing ‘Hallelujah’ for her school talent show. While singing may be her first love, she said that living with her dancer group members has made her more interested in dance. We love a double threat!

Jayna Hughes

Bringing her effortless moves to the group is 16-year-old Jayna Hughes. Like vocalist Luke, the Las Vegas native contributes her significant fanbase to the collective, with 248.5K followers on TikTok. Jayna frequently takes classes at the famed Millenium Dance Complex, and is friends with some well-known names within the dance community, such as Nicole Laeno, Autumn Miller and Gianina from Dance Moms. Jayna is also a proud Filipina, often sharing videos collaborating with other Filipino artists on her social media. 

Sasha Marie

19-year-old Sasha Marie also joins The Future X as a dancer. Sasha graduated from Towson University, Maryland in 2021 before moving to New York City, where she filmed her audition video. She also appeared in season 4 of ‘The Last O.G.’, a comedy series starring Tiffany Haddish and Tracy Morgan. Her personal life is relatively unknown compared to her group members, however, it is clear that dance has always been a big part of her life. She danced with troops throughout her college years, and has even posted some videos of her own choreography, which we love to see!

Tray Taylor

Not that it’s a competition, but Tray Taylor takes the crown for the group member with the most followers coming in. Nearing 4 million followers on TikTok, Tray built up his following as a creator with his content ranging from dance videos to skits. Speaking of dance, from his hip-hop style on TikTok, you would never have guessed that Tray was also a competition dancer trained in contemporary and ballet. In 2018 he attended a four-week ballet intensive at the Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre, and he also made the top three for Male Senior Dancer of the Year at the Hollywood Vibe Nationals — a prestigious dance competition. We’re looking forward to seeing the moves that he’ll bring to The Future X.

Drew Venegas

Finally, 22-year-old Drew Venegas comes in as the fourth dancer of the group. Drew is most active on Instagram and often posts videos of hip-hop combinations from dance classes that he taught. It seems Drew has been teaching hip hop classes in California since 2019, and has also travelled overseas to teach. With such an experienced teacher in their midst, we wouldn’t be surprised to see some of The Future X’s work is choreographed by Drew himself!

The Future X have yet to spill the release date of their debut single ‘This Kind of Love’, but we hear it will be soon!

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