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20 Nail Designs To Help You Ring in 2020 With Positive Energy

20 Nail Designs To Help You Ring in 2020 With Positive Energy

Okay yes we know— Christmas hasn’t even come and gone yet. But if you’re anything like us then you know that while prepping for your Christmas Day glam takes some effort, prepping for your New Year’s Eve look can take weeks of planning.

From a blowout to a spray tan to a glittery smokey eye that rivals Rue from Euphoria, every little detail is accounted for on NYE— partly because we want to look fire heading into the new year, and partly because every little detail will be documented across your friends’ stories all night and in 2020 there will be no?bad?stories?.

But the one detail we can easily forget when planning for an iconic look?

Our mani.

So whether you prefer to spend NYE curled up on the couch eating takeout with your bestie (you know it’ll still be documented tho) or hitting the dance floor with champagne in-hand, here are 20 nail designs to help you ring in 2020 with some seriously positive energy.

1/ Fine Line-Inspired Mani

Never one to miss an opportunity for a fun mani, Harry Styles recently got this nail art to celebrate his latest album release, Fine Line. If you’re a Harry stan, try this design and customise the letters or phrase to suit something symbolic to your year.

2/ Dark Mode Glitter Nails

Glitter and NYE are synonymous with one another. This year, make like iOS 13 and put your mani on dark mode to let the glitter take center stage. Just make sure you choose a glitter with a clear base so you’re not compromising the contrast.

3/ Wavy Glitter Tips

A festive twist on the french mani, this wavy glitter tip nail design is perfect for both Christmas and NYE celebrations. To make the most of this mani, we suggest adding tips so there’s more nail to work with, especially if your nails are typically on the shorter side.

4/ Neon French Mani

Another modern take on classic french tips, a neon french mani combines two of the biggest beauty trends of 2019: 90s-inspired glam and pops of neon. Again, you might need a bit of length to achieve this mani so consider getting tips.

5/ Starry Nudes

If you love a nude mani but want a little extra bling for the holiday season, try this dainty star design. It’s trendy yet elegant and goes with any outfit choice. Plus, it’s super easy to DIY at home to help you save a few $$$ during the most wonderful time of the year expensive time of the year.

6/ Frosty Galaxy

Whether you frothed Frozen 2 this year or were more of a Rise Of The Skywalker fan, this frosty galaxy mani is the perfect thematic nail design to get you through till 2020. When describing this to your nail technician, make sure to ask for a rounded shape and lots of negative space (no pun intended).

7/ Graphic Peach Mani

Itching for a bright nail but not ready to commit to the neon trend? A bright pink, like this vibrant peach, is a great happy medium before taking the plunge. Add a graphic design like stripes, half moons, or french tips to kick it up a notch for NYE festivities.

8/ Eye Of The Tiger

Tackle 2020 head-on with a fierce attitude and an even fiercer mani. This powerful design featuring a snake, tigers, and a third eye will help you jump into the new year with strength and a positive attitude, especially if you had a rough 2019 like so many of us did.

9/ Neon Ombré

“One time, we saw Emily Weiss wear ombré neon nails, so we got ombré neon nails.” – Us after seeing this post.

Neon was so popular in beauty this year and it’s definitely here to stay in 2020. Why not celebrate this bright and colourful trend by ringing in the new year with a neon mani?

10/ Icy-White Cut-Outs

White nails are chic for every season and this year it’s all about adding a unique design or pattern to make this traditional mani pop. A graphic design, like this rectangle cutout at the base, takes a basic white shellac nail from classic to edgy.

11/ Holiday-Inspired French Mani

By now you can probably tell that everyone’s fave early 2000’s french manicure was resurrected this year (and is here to stay). Keep it simple this holiday season with a festive french mani, like these red holiday tips, that can take you from Christmas to NYE without needing an extra trip to the nail salon.

12/ Sweet Dreams With Pantone’s Colour Of The Year

This list wouldn’t be complete without a Betina Goldstein design, nor would it be complete without incorporating Pantone’s 2020 Colour Of The Year, Classic Blue.
Manifest your hopes and dreams for the new year with a dream-inspired manicure, incorporating the colour of the year for good luck.

13/ Colourful Confetti

If you love bright colours and fun, flirty designs, these confetti nails are for you. A party staple since the Middle Ages, confetti is used across the globe to symbolise celebrations and new beginnings, making this the perfect nail art to help you ring in the new year.

14/ Soft Glitter

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A more subdued style for those who prefer their outfit to take center stage, this soft glitter manicure is the perfect balance between subtle and sparkly. Make sure to choose a neutral base colour with a tinge of pink, like OPI’s (newly re-released) Let’s Be Friends, and find a glitter coat with a rose gold undertone.

15/ Beauty Lover’s Mani

Do you love makeup just as much as we do? This simple nude mani featuring juxtaposed lashes is a chic AF and the perfect option for a die-hard beauty lover who still wants to keep it classy.

16/ Pastel Rainbow Stars

At the complete other end of the scale, this pastel rainbow design with stars (literally) cut-out from the nail tips is a bold and out-there look that’s sure to turn some heads. If you’re thinking of trying this mani— first, don’t try this at home. And second, make sure you get fake tips for the cut-outs. No need to sacrifice your natural nails for this design!

16/ Bedazzled Lucite Tips

While we may be leaving lucite shoes in 2019, lucite nails, on the other hand, are making a statement in 2020. Ask for clear gel stiletto tips with a neutral base coat underneath so you can’t see through to your nailbed. Add a small diamante to the point to add a little sparkle without venturing into tacky.

17/ Groovy Tye-Dye

Another retro trend that made its comeback this year, we’re bringing tye-dye into 2020 with us too. Tye-dye nail designs are often best achieved with gel or acrylic so your best bet is to leave this to the professionals.

18/ Happy Face Nails

We can’t stop smiling at this photo— and no it’s not just because Harry Styles is staring directly into our souls with his baby blues. Happy face nail art is one of our fave nail trends of late and it’s such a simple way to bring good vibes with you into the new year.

19/ Holographic Mirrored Tips

Reflect on your year this NYE (lol) with these holographic mirrored tips. This style suits any outfit but would look especially cool with anything black, silver or sequined.

20/ Grownup Polkadots

A modern take on the classic polkadots, this nail art feels trendy and sophisticated. While you can achieve this design with any colour polish, make sure to use a glitter for the accent polish for that festive vibe.

2020, we’re comin’ for you.

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