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Machine Gun Kelly To Launch Beauty Brand, UN/DN LAQR

Machine Gun Kelly To Launch Beauty Brand, UN/DN LAQR

In what, at this point, feels like the never-ending string of celebrity backed beauty brands, we have another name to add to the list: Machine Gun Kelly.

Known for his fashion and beauty choices on the red carpet, including bold nail choices, the singer has announced the launch of his nail polish brand UN/DN LAQR, in collaboration with Unlisted, a brand incubator based out of Laguna Beach, California.

Available to buy in a range of a trios and sets, the brand is made up of 10 shades, ranging from neutrals and pastels to stand-out shades like a bright orange said to be named 25 to Life by girlfriend, Megan Fox.

The brand announcement follows the likes of FACULTY (launched in July 2020) and Harry Styles’ recently launched beauty brand Pleasing, and speaks to the growing desire to provide mainstream, accessible unisex beauty products.

“A lot of my music was for the introverts, for the people scared to be vulnerable,” he tells Allure. “I know that a lot of people don’t have the external courage to start conversations with people. I’m like that — I’m super shy when it comes to starting conversations. But when I went and got coffee, one of the first times when I actually had my nails done, I went to the counter and the guy was like, ‘Wow, your nails are so beautiful.’ It makes you want to be open to the conversation. You spend time taking care of yourself and paying attention to a detail and then somebody else appreciates that detail. [It’s] for sure a social connection.”

UN/DN LAQR is available to shop at from December 2nd, 2021, where individual shades will retail for $18 USD, trio sets for $52 USD and a six-shade set, plus cleanup and art brush for $86 USD.

There is no confirmation whether the brand will be available to be shipped internationally but check back for updates.

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